Character of the Month: The Boss

A quick overview of a great and wonderfully strong (female) character, often overlooked or forgotten, who also happens to be one of my all time favorites.

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Grave1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

She is the best. When people say 'like a Boss' they are referring to her.

Anthotis1024d ago

"A quick overview of a great and wonderfully strong (female) character"

Not a very well disguised SJW article.

Blacklash931024d ago

An actual SJW article would be calling the The Boss' outfit too slutty and how she's only powerful because she conforms to the patriarchy, or something. There's nothing wrong with pointing out that gaming has some awesome female characters.

supermintendo1024d ago

Sorry, but Im not an SJW nor do I care for their narratives, they do more harm than good to everyone. If they really wanted better women characters in games, they would point to her. The Boss is a perfect example of a strong lady that's not denied her feminine qualities even though what she does is mostly male dominated. But they don't because they don't really care about games only spitting on perceived boys clubs.

Thank you, Blacklash and I think you're right about what an actual SJW article on her would be like.

rodiabloalmeida1024d ago

It brings me very good memories. MGS3 it's the best MG game IMHO, and has one of the best boss fights also in my book.