PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Sales Top 1 Million Units Black Friday Week

VGChartz Writes: "Black Friday sales have been breaking records not only in the US, but worldwide. VGChartz now has preliminary worldwide hardware figures for the week. Sales for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U are all up massively year-over-year.

The PlayStation 4 sold around 1.2 million units for the week, which is up from 963,588 a year ago. The Xbox One sold around 1.1 million units, up from 456,608. The Wii U sold around 300,000 units, up from 230,081. However, 3DS sales dropped to around 600,000 units, from 868,411."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

I figured PS4 would outsell Xbox One worldwide. Everyone seems to think the U.S. is the all that matters when it comes to Xbox One sales. I'll still wait for NPD numbers though.

mediate-this1085d ago ShowReplies(7)
Ghost_of_Tsushima1085d ago


"All that matters to me, I'm north American I could give two f ' s about the rest of the world"

I'm North Amercian also and I think no where near like you. I care about the rest of the world just as I do here. People like you make us look bad.

mediate-this1085d ago

When it comes to gaming rest of the world does not matter to me. I know north Americans buy video games, m.p wise I get connected mostly with north Americans.

We get different features from other parts of the world. This is video games not politics, nothing more and way less.

Consoles aren't to hot in Japan, that doesn't matter to me, I don't like JAPanese games, so again I say rest of the world doesn't matter to me when it comes to video games.

North america gets the best features, uncut games, it's the most popular here, if it sells huge over here its great, other world is good for them but it does nothing for me, for corporations it's good.

As long as it sells amazing in my home continent all good, north America.

Rimeskeem1085d ago

"Consoles aren't hot in Japan"

*xbox isn't hot in Japan so no console is hot in japan

mikeslemonade1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Can't believe some of you missed the point..

You can't just be happy about American sales because developers look at the install base as a whole. A bigger install base means it's more motivating for the develop to choose that system and develop for it. More sales means more games. That's the case for all systems except the Wii 1.

mike_honcho1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

@mediate.. your butt hurt.. we get it.. now get over it and stop acting like a privileged little 7 year old child

@sckipt.. nice translation, I agree.. it's spot on..

VforVideogames1085d ago

Do you know that Superman its an illegal alien here in America?

GameNameFame1085d ago

@mediate this

You just sound really really butt hurt.

Total sales , not NA, is linked to how much support console gets.

Also, PS4 still has decent lead in US. So pathetic how some fanboys get excited over 1 week sale

TheNew11085d ago

He doesn't make me look bad, I don't even know the person behind the keyboard. A lot of you all just bandwagon and try to jump one person for what they say to get likes imo.

Mrveryodd1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

It's your government just like ours here in Aus ...

sonarus1085d ago

vgchartz numbers so take with a grain of salt. Great numbers by playstation incredible numbers by Xbox. They were able to take major advantage of lowered price to really boost sales to avoid becoming irrelevant in the console race so early on.

Hopefully they both can sustain the momentum its time for more people to make that jump into current gen.

mcstorm1084d ago

Wow stop going on and on and on at each other over sales as we all buy our consoles for the same things and that is gaming.

Enjoy the console you have let other enjoy their own console and Congratulations to Sony and Microsoft for selling over a million consoles each a great boost for gaming all round. Also not bad numbers for the WiiU too and I hope this console goes onto be a success too.

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Foehammer1085d ago ShowReplies(5)
babyhand1085d ago

Let's have a unified hug over this. Let's talk about good games. I am glad to see Xbox improving though as a multi console owner. I think of what game I want to play and not what system it's on.

bubblebobble1085d ago

when you think about it 1 million consoles sold in one day that is fantastic, i love to see each consoles fans going at each other im sony all the way, but the truth is without each other xbox and playstation would not be as good, the competitiveness means best for consumer, both consoles look great but i always want the most powerful and there no denying ps4 is a way better console, fans sould join together and put some hurt on pc, have you seen how many pc games got sold con-paired to console, cod aw sold i think it was 12 million across 4 consoles it sold 147000 on pc thats like 40 times less, big up the xstation.

Macdaddy711085d ago

Lol I agree with you on having both MS n Sony good for all, but don't agree with ps4 is the way to go!!!! I own both n I still love the X11 over my ps4, X1 will give ps4 a run for its money before it's said n done, more n more 360 gamers are upgrading

dantesparda1085d ago

See this is the ridiculousness and stupidity of people. And what? Sony doesn't have a base of over 83 million to upgrade from too? You fanboys are so one sided. The fact is the PS brand sells fasetr and more than the Xbox brand. Fact, period!

And I love how you all cant see that the reason its selling is because they lower the price of the system to under $350 with usually at least 2 games or more.

ThinkThink1085d ago

It's not ALL that matters but it is the largest video game market in the world.

kayoss1085d ago

I guess mediate-this won't be working for any big corporations. Maybe you should open a store that only sell American flags. That way you don't have to worry about world wide sales.

Flames761085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

North america is 60% of the gaming market.The XOne killed the ps4 in america on black friday.Which since 2006 Xbox has outsold the playstaion every holiday in america that will never change.Worldwide XOne at 1.1 and ps4 at 1.2 no difference at all pretty much the same during black friday

nosferatuzodd1085d ago

Ok flames can u show some facts to back that up? or youre just going off youre fanboy fox not facts lol

Anyway if playstation drop their prices to bargain bin level like what microsft did it would be flying off shelf faster than it already are so I dobt what youre celibrating ms just move the goal necause tgey were losing that bad

Jazz41081085d ago

All this is, a complete guess. There is no validity to these sales figures at all. Gotta love it when people take VG charts as gospel.

ramiuk11085d ago

Well the US is all that matters to MS anyway,its the only place they focused on last gen.
UK was left out of every promotion,no UK based things covered and MS always said its hard because of the amount of languages/regions .
Same with XB1 75% of the stuff talked about at announce was for US only

Azzanation1084d ago

Does it really matter who outsells who? Before you say, it makes Corps happy, I dont own a corp and aslong as the company making my console and software are healthy then selling better world wide means nothing. Both consoles are selling extremely well, one selling better doesnt stop the other from having extremely good games.

larrysdirtydrawss1084d ago

ww sony wins this bf,though in n.a ms looks to take it this year with their ''give everything away for free'' strategy, it was their ONLY way to compete this bf and into the holiday.

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FITgamer1085d ago

Preliminary numbers from VGC? So we have to wait til they adjust these numbers, post them, then adjust them again next week.

1085d ago
yarbie10001085d ago

VGChartz had PS4 at 4 million sales - Sony announced sales of 5.3 Million the same week. This is why no reputable site ever posts or trusts numbers from VGC....except n4g

madmonkey011085d ago

when sony made the last big announcement, vgchartz refused to update thier numbers, citing that they could not work out where the discrepancy comes from so they would fix them.

FITgamer1085d ago

lol you approved the article though.

Kayant1085d ago

Ikr. If you don't believe in something you don't approve it.

Also their numbers are not "trusted" it's clearly labelled as a rumor.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1085d ago

oh so vgchartz isn't creditable now

torchic1085d ago

this comment deserves endless disagrees

cell9891085d ago

I think its time we give VG Chartz a little bit of a break. Sure their numbers suck, but thi sgeneration, it seems like theyre making strides to change that

modelgod1085d ago

I'm a period proud owner of the xbone and I totally agree with you! !

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Death1085d ago

How do all of these VGC articles get approved?

Paprika1085d ago

Its part of the illuminatis bid for a one world government. One which even gaming news is full of disinformation... lol

Tapani1085d ago

What's wrong with one world government? I studied political science and I really think that would be the best way to keep peace.

DeadlyOreo1085d ago

Sharp ^

Just no. You'd be living a life not worth living as they'd be able to control the hell out of you, and take away just about every right you have. Having multiple governments is a whole lot better.

ThatOneGuyThere1085d ago

History is much more relevant to understanding future possibilities than political science. Also, if you're learning something from a college or university, be weary. Don't just accept what the "professor" tells you. Do your own research. Professors have opinions, too. Most of the faculty thats professor age right now got their mindset during the 60's, 70's, and 80's. AKA tons of drug use without any real understanding of the real world and a strange affinity to communism.

Redrum0591085d ago


You're not so Sharp at all. Your one world government will come for sure, but you'll have no choice but to submit your will to the one world religion as well . I just pray I'm not here to live in it.

cell9891085d ago

one ring to rule them all? no just no

Ju1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

One world government != one world dictatorship. Same as it works in federal, state, county, community levels. Some people need to brush up their imaginations and leave old stereotypes behind. That would be a start. And...what makes you think we are actually less controlled today???

AndrewLB1085d ago

ThatOneGuyThere- Bubble up for that excellent post. I have a degree in political science and will attest to the fact that higher education is better described as brainwashing. Progressives are nothing more than authoritarians who are hell bent on destroying religion, the family, and every other stabilizing societal norm that exists. They think that when they cause everything to collapse into chaos, that everyone will then go running to them for a new system. heh... fat chance.

DanteVFenris6661085d ago

Jesus Christ, some of you think your smart but are just spewing out theories out your ass. Give this guy a break, a one world government could work. What even would be the difference? Nothing it would just be an idea. Trades and such would all still function as normal, and sense when does a one nation government turn into a dictatorship? Sources? Proof? Or right it's never happened so you have none

killacal131085d ago

Could you guys imagine if that s#it is for real?

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viperman2401085d ago

They are partnered with N4G, so yeah.

FITgamer1085d ago

Some users approvals count for multiple votes. I'm a member of VGC and i don't even approve articles from there. I like the site for it's forums, not sales tracking.

1085d ago