Top 10 Greatest Video Game Console Bundles of All Time

"Console bundles are a great opportunity to score your favorite video game system while also getting an excellent game at little to no cost. The greatest video game console bundles are ones that are unique and limited in quantity, making them rare and highly collectible." -BootHammer

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BootHammer1395d ago

Which console bundles would you nominate? There are a lot to choose from, so it's easy to understand if our selection differs from yours. Would still love to hear your favorites though!

Hoffmann1395d ago

SNES with Street Fighter II...OF COURSE!

BootHammer1395d ago

I did consider this one! But the bundle with Super Mario World and Super Mario All-stars is pretty tough to beat =)

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VGMMDI1394d ago

I don't know if I'll ever buy this generations consoles, but these bundles are hard to resist.

CerealKiller1394d ago

What about PS3 Last of Us and Arkham Origins, PS4 GTA V and Last of Us.

BootHammer1394d ago

TLOU and AO PS3 Bundle is awesome for $329! Another one I really like is the MGS4 PS3 bundle =)

Knightshade1394d ago

I'd go with TLoU, except it was the tail end of the generation. Now, GTAV on the other hand is a great way to START the new gen!

BattleAxe1394d ago

The Xbox One Advanced Warfare bundle is pretty awesome.