Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Preview: The Hype is Real | Technology Tell

Technology Tell writes, "It’s gorgeous. It’s air-tight. It’s exciting. It’s even super satisfying for a fighting game demo. You can only play as Ky Kiske or Sol Badguy, sure, that’s kinda lame. But most fighting game demos restrict you to two characters. What the Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN demo does let you do is run through the entirety of arcade mode with either character. That’s awesome. You can get a taste of the full experience of sitting down and playing the game for the first time, instead of just having to jump into versus mode."

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Deathdeliverer1394d ago

This game is how I'm ending a great first year with my ps4. Chipp... let's rock.

izumo_lee1394d ago

Still kinda upset my Jam is nowhere to be seen in the game as of now. Hoping she'll at least show up as DLC.

On topic the game looks & runs amazing! The visual style of the game is spectacular, the prettiest fighting game on the market so far. It's good to see Guilty Gear back in all of its hardcore glory!

tlougotg1394d ago

All the positive previews ive seen have me real interested!

telekineticmantis1394d ago

The amount of depth in strategy is gonna make online bonkers.Roman cancels, parries, clashes, whoever masters those first will be beasts. Im working on Roman cancels now. Whoever makes the next DBZ game should take some pointers from this game.

PurpHerbison1392d ago

Hopefully netcode is solid or all that stuff might need to take place offline.

pompombrum1394d ago

Looking forward to this, it's a shame they've decided to completely screw over Europe again though meaning only the most dedicated fans (with US PSN accounts) have access to it.

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