Modern Games Could Learn A Lot From The Best Level In Half-Life

Kotaku - I think Half-Life is one of the greatest video games of all time, which isn't a controversial opinion. Valve's 1998 debut rocked the gaming world. Many aspects of its design have yet to be topped. Nowhere is this more obvious than Half-Life's sixth level, Blast Pit.

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RosweeSon1357d ago

Yeah I only played number 2 and the episodes recently but 1 and 2 fantastic games even now put a lot to shame, talking of shame, shame there's still no sign of a number 3

Jonny5isalive1357d ago

HL1 is my favorite game. Blast pit is the one with a giant tentacle in a rocket test chamber. It can only hear you and you have to sneak by it and get the rocket ready, and then fire it to destroy the tentacle. This game is the best ever.

Kingdomcome2471357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I haven't played this since it came out. My best friend and I rented it at Blockbuster, and beat it over the course of a weekend. Great game. I'll never forget my first time seeing the G man randomly walking through a level. I so desperately want a Half-Life 3.

1357d ago
Kingdomcome2471357d ago

Man, that's the only type of comment I see from you. Want to talk about Half-Life at all?

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