10 Beloved Video Games That Deserve A Modern Reboot


'Chances are you’ve got a few gaming series’ very close to your heart – those titles that as a kid yoiu got up early on a Saturday morning to play while munching on tasty, sugary sewage that some people like to call ‘breakfast cereal’.
While some game franchises from our collective childhoods like Mario and Zelda are still going strong today, a lot have since fallen by the wayside with their most recent release being years or even decades old. Worse still, others stick around for far too long, outstaying their welcome and alienating their once passionate fanbase by churning out terrible game after terrible game (here’s looking at you, Sonic).'

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CloudRap1329d ago

The Jak series.. nuff said

spicelicka1329d ago

Omg I'd kill for another Burnout, and I rarely even play racing games. Burnout revenge was just amazing beyond belief.

oldassgamer1329d ago

With you 100 on Burnout. Paradise was one of my favorites.

1329d ago
Rebel_Scum1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

I've been saying it for years, the Strike series, Streets of Rage and Destruction Derby need a reboot.

Hold_It1329d ago

Syphon Filter, Need For Speed Underground (With deeper customization than NFSU2, and completely open world). Splinter Cell, Resident Evil, X-Men Legends

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The story is too old to be commented.