The Crew's Companion App delayed to early 2015

The Crew's Companion App will not be available to download until early 2015, according to the back of the game's box.

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Chuk51354d ago

delay the game with it

CloudRap1354d ago

This game is gonna bomb so bad, typical Ubi with their brilliant ideas, and lazy execution.

uth111354d ago

I only buy games for their companion apps because my phone isn't cluttered enough yet.

preorder cancelled!

deadfrag1354d ago


Svinya1354d ago

Yes. You are correct. Published by Ubisoft.

showtimefolks1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

UBI please delay this game till it's finished and ready to be in consumers hands, leaner from Unity, that's what I am hating about next gen after having to deal with it last gen. Games are being released unfinished and than patches are needed to make it work

UBI a name that use to mean caring about gamers and making some quality games to now all about the money and nothing else, AC franchise really screw up UBI all the way. Now they look to release all their games on yearly bases

Drive club
Halo MCC

Just to name a few

Sad thing is people will still defend these broken games and developers even knowing they spent their money on a unfinished product and pretty much became game testers. But instead of game testers getting paid we are the ones doing it for free while paying the publishers with out money

Truly sad

MSBAUSTX1354d ago

I didnt realize Ubisoft had anything to do with BF4 and Halo MCC. Which by the way MCC only had online match making problems. I never fell through the floor in to eternity or saw a face melted off a character the way AC Unity did. So please dont compare MCC to these other atrocities. MCC had countless hours of amazing gameplay right out of the box in the campaign modes that I have yet to see any major flaws in. Unity was unbearable.

tlougotg1354d ago

Ive delayed my purchase indefinitely, i dont buy garbage.

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