Square Enix Announces HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS Teaser Trailer

Teaser trailer and announcement for Square Enix's new mobile RPG HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS

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Snookies121395d ago

UGH... SE should just become a mobile developer at this point. They probably will at the rate they're going.

3-4-51394d ago

SE just doesn't "get it".....

I_am_Batman1394d ago

Square Enix is a big enough publisher to handle both the mobile and the home market. I don't really see the problem here.

kingdomtriggers1394d ago

The problem is that they recently said the want to focus even more on mobile games in a financial meeting they had last month. Which is concerning because as of now the only worthwhile in-house square enix console jrpgs are kingdom hearts (well in 3 years when it releases on consoles again) and final fantasy.

N4GDgAPc1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

It sucks that this games are coming on Android/ iPhone but for business standpoint they would be stupid not to. That's we're they make most of there money and that's were the game market wants in Japan. Japan must want there games on mobile. That's why we don't get most mobile games come.out there.

But I do like this art style. I wish all there mobile games would at least come out on vita. Some of them are actually fun and the 2 new final fantasy games that are coming out soon actually look fun.

I_am_Batman1394d ago

@kingdomtriggers: Them concentrating more on mobile games won't nessessarily mean that the focus is shifting away from home consoles. I highly doubt that we will see another generation of dedicated handheld game consoles so they're probably just shifting from 3DS and Vita to smartphones to reach a bigger audience.

As long as they are still making games like Final Fantasy XV, Typo-0, KH3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider I don't see a reason to worry.

Kurisu1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I agree with both your comments. People seem to forget that FFXIV is doing really well, they're in the process of making FFXV and Type-0 HD will be coming out soon. They haven't fully abandoned the PS Vita either as they're bringing FF Agito+ to the platform. Granted that is also iOS / Android but a Vita version at least acknowledging it :)

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NiteX1394d ago

They'd make more money ha.

Qrphe1394d ago

You can't blame them, this is where the market is at in Japan.

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jholden32491394d ago

Ugggh, it's on mobile? They bring better games to smart phones now than they do home consoles- what a waste. And the few good games they do bring to handhelds they leave in Japan

Roccetarius1394d ago

Square Enix seems to stay on the path of dissapointing people.

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