Here’s the latest trailer for Batman Arkham Knight

You’ve already read a Batcave full of new Batman Arkham Knight details. Now prepare to sit down, relax and watch a brutal vigilante dole out justice on various criminal faces as if morality were going out of style. It’s the latest Batman Arkham Knight trailer, as the caped crusader shifts away from the Ace Chemicals mission of last week and gets ready for an all new challenge. At Ace Chemicals again. Well ok then.

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3-4-51390d ago

Ehhh I think this who series is a bit overrated.

Tried Arkym City & Origins and they were ok.

I'd rather watch a good batman film....animated or real actors.

Xavior_Reigns1390d ago

Perhaps but isn't the game running on UE3? Eh as long as it plays as good as it looks, all is fine.

NovusTerminus1390d ago

As much as I am looking forward to this game, how many trailers and interviews do we need dedicated to his car?

pedrof931390d ago

Dude, it's the batmobile !

Kingdomcome2471390d ago

Neil Diamond help me with your love songs, this looks good.

Sketchy_Galore1390d ago

Hate to say it but I'm not liking the direction they're going with this. I'm really hating the tank shooting gameplay, it's just not Batman. I'm sure some Batman superfan could prove me wrong by pointing to him using turret guns at points in the comics but still it's just not in the spirit of what makes him such an interesting hero. The refusal to use guns at all or use lethal methods on human enemies always added an extra element to the action, with him having to use smarter and more creative methods to overcome his enemies than simply pointing a rocket launcher at them and firing.

I'm still willing to trust Rocksteady since they've got him so right in the previous games but I'm really not liking the Bat-tank or his Robocop exoskeleton. In fantasy RPG terms Batman was always a Rogue, stealthily striking from the shadows and setting traps for enemies. Now it's starting to seem like they're turning him into a Tank, all brute strength and dumb force.

Inception1390d ago

The batmobile always have guns and usually it equip with rubber bullet. Example: the batmobile in Batman 1989 have guns, the tumbler in Batman Begins have guns to blow up wall, the batmobile in The Dark Knight Returns have cannon with rubber bullet, etc. But Batman never use those guns to kill people or use it as a last resort if he needs help that he can't do it by his own hands.

"stealthily striking from the shadows and setting traps for enemies"

Yes, he will do that if the enemies are humans. But if the enemies are unmanned drones like in this video than he need the batmobile to disable those drone. There's nothing dumb about it because the batmobile, batarang, grapple, etc are just tools for Batman to complete his mission without taking human lives.

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