Gamers, It's Your Fault. Not the Industry's

Gamers, it's time to make a stand and change the industry for the better. It's time to put an end to unwanted DLC and micro-transactions. It's time to end the production of lazily made games. Grumpy Gamer has another hard hitting article for this week.

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NinjaPovah1393d ago

As much as it is consumer fault for buying it, this promoting this kind of thing, keep in mind that major number of people who buy this sort of "deals" don't read gaming news or know much anything about gaming industry and how video games been sold in the past.

I worked at retail at some point last year and most of consumers, parent's and kid's and "gamers", never did bother to refuse dlc, season pass or other extra stuff when my colleges push them to buy it (I didn't have a heart to do it, propably why I didn't stay for long :D )

MaxwellBuddha1393d ago

"Vote with your wallet."

- Some Wise Guy

uth111393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Yeah and add-ons like service plans/extended warrenties on hardware. Most people seem to just accept those. I never do. The money I save on service plans will pay for the one piece of hardware that actually does fail :)

Palitera1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Most of the millions of consumers indeed are not aware of the issues of the industry and the direction it is going, yes, but let me ask you something:

How many people here, the "hardcore" gamers, do you think will vote with their wallets against Techland and Warner Bros removing the PVP mode from the game and putting the blind purchase (AKA preorder) as a condition for accessing it?

It is a major concept and game mode being ripped from the game, a contender for a new low on the industry, yet *we* are being very lenient towards it.

I'm not talking about the game quality, it is a certain buy for me, but about the new scheme they are trying now.

We can try to justify ourselves as much as we want, but we are as guilty as the "casual" players/consumers, if not more, given how more informed and interested we are on the matter.

Roccetarius1393d ago

''How many people here, the "hardcore" gamers, do you think will vote with their wallets against Techland and Warner Bros removing the PVP mode from the game and putting the blind purchase (AKA preorder) as a condition for accessing it?''

Count me in as one. Things like that would definitely put me off buying a game.

uth111393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I agree it is the consumer's fault. All the complaining in the world isn't going to stop a practice that's profitable.

If you do nothing else, STOP PREORDERING! That one thing will cause them to up the quality like nothing else, I think.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1393d ago

A lot of people depend on the media to determine their views (not me, but mind you if recent events have taught us anything, a lot of people are sheeps). In that sense, the media glamourizing broken messes such as AC Unity are truly to blame.

zero_gamer1393d ago

The blame can be shared with the industry, the media, and the gamers alike. It's one complex, colossal mess that isn't the fault of any one group of entities.

joab7771393d ago

Ot is our fault. They do only what they can, what makes them money. It is a business and many ppl's jobs rely on profit. And doors can close. Just ask all those that worked at THQ or Crytek.

I love how many of the same ppl that will do anything for hits on youtube, their website etc. Will also be the 1st to bitch about big companies trying to make money.

Trust me, if microtransactions and dlc were not profitable, they wouldn't exist.

Roccetarius1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Especially THQ made some incredibly stupid decisions, including things like Udraw and if they actually spent 50 mil on Darksiders.

Things like that will definitely add up.

zero_gamer1393d ago

If they didn't exist, they wouldn't be profitable.

Goes both ways.

uth111393d ago

Right, people act like these companies do nothing but squeeze more cash out of us and just swim in it. A lot of people work on games, they all have to be paid. Delays raise development costs.

Meanwhile games make most of their sales the week they are released. Timing is everything. Games released before the holidays stand to sell more

Delaying a game until after the holidays will raise its development cost and cut its sales. It can quickly become unprofitable. It's no wonder why games on a holiday release have hard deadline, and they'd rather release them broken with patches than delay them. We may hate it, but it makes complete sense from a business perspective.

Roccetarius1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I'd say it's 33,9% blame for Consumer, Media and general gaming industry, but we can't change something that a majority will always buy into. Uninformed people buying this or that Season Pass for themselves (or kids).

There's only so much individual people can do to change things, and those of us who are more informed about the practices of companies. It's no wonder people become a bit more pessimistic and negative because of these things, due to the sad reality of the above.

Roccetarius1393d ago

That was actually meant to say 33,3%, but the math part of my brain wasn't functioning. :P

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