Disney Infinity: Star Wars all but confirmed, first figures hinted at

Everybody Plays writes: "While there have been pretty big hints dropped - from John Vignocchi telling fans they can expect to hear about the next game "in the future, but that's far, far away", to the lightsaber easter egg unlocked at the end of Disney Infinity 2.0 - none have been quite as big as this."

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FarEastOrient1387d ago

Oh my god, there goes my wallet!

crusf1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

THIS JUST IN: Disney preparing to milk old Bessie ,the Star Wars cow, next year.

gangsta_red1387d ago

Yea, you will probably see this next friggin year when that new Star Wars drops.

Disney is all but prepared to conquer the media on all fronts with Marvel, Star Wars and their own Disney characters.

It's amazing that they haven't went full throttle with the video game market. They have so many properties to exploit, it's impressive how much they are holding back.

LightDiego1387d ago

More figures to collect.

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