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"It doesn’t meet modern standards in many ways, but the compelling story, bevy of content, and the gorgeous soundtrack are timeless. The forty dollar price tag doesn’t hurt either." - Niko DelValle

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Knightshade1322d ago

Why when I read "lining up the pieces" I immediately think of Tool? Anyway - here's to hoping that Kingdom Hearts III gives more than a cursory nod to the gameplay advancements that have come since KH2.

Obrusnine1322d ago

I just hope there isn't a four hour prologue. It was so boring... >.>

dasbeer881322d ago

I'm just hoping KH3 doesn't become like a hallway simulator like Kingdom Hearts 2 and BBS.

Ridah1322d ago

I hope a PS4 port comes around!

Paprika1322d ago


Stopped reading when I saw that score.... blasphemy!

Obrusnine1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

On our scale that score is "Good". This collection is "Good". The lazy elements, like making Re:code a very long cut-scene instead of a game, the lack of significant updates to gameplay, the empty and barren backgrounds, the easy standard difficulty... they hold it back from an 80 (which most other critics are giving) which means "Great" on our scale.

Paprika1322d ago

But....but.... but its kingdom hearts 2 and BBS! Those games are like Jesus!

But seriously, you do raise a good point. I'll read the review lol!!

Mykky1322d ago

Great review!
It's good that you actually are using the scale as it should be used. Too many reviewers are using the scale only from 7 to 10, where a 7 is bad.

Obrusnine1322d ago

Yes, it's very important to read my actual thoughts. The games are still fun, they just don't hold up very well. There are just so many little problems with the game that they build up to become one big fundamental issue that holds it back.

I understand your attachment, it was pretty difficult for me to give this score as I love the games to death. But it's my job to be objective and help the consumer, and that's what I did.