The Crew Running At 1080p/30FPS On PS4 and Xbox One, PC Port Support 60 FPS, New Details Revealed

The Crew on PS4 and Xbox One runs at 1080p/30 FPS, PC port support 60 FPS. Additional new details about PC graphics feature and more revealed

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Foehammer1479d ago ShowReplies(6)
No_Limit1479d ago

What, graphics parity...BOYCOTT! j/k

Glad that both the PS4 and XB1 versions are the same..kudos for the developers to go the extra mile to bring it to 1080p.

windblowsagain1479d ago

Not surprising it's 1080p. Not a good looking game. Looks worse then watchdogs and tons worse then GTA5.

Godz Kastro1479d ago

You just cant win, when they reach 1080 the game doesnt look good, when it doesnt it because of the imaginary (super power difference). I know it has a little more horse power but you are foolish to think it can hit 60fps son...maybe some other effects but not an extra 30fps...Get a PC

hello121479d ago

Digital foundry have they not shown the 50 per cent power difference is non existent anyway.

50 per cent more powerful machine would run every game at 1080p and you would have zero frame drops at 30fps, simple as that.

The PS4 does have a power difference is not as much as people on this site make it it out to be though. Games are prove of that already.

Christopher1479d ago

@KNWS: While I get what you are saying and I'm not defending the "50% more powerful" thought, just because a game developer puts out a game that isn't 50% more powerful or is just as powerful on the two doesn't mean that one console isn't more powerful than the other. Digital Foundry, after all, only test what is produced. They don't decide what is produced.

breakpad1479d ago

really BOYCOTT!! it is clear that PS4 isnt exploited at all ...lame Crapsoft is lame

PONTIAC08G8GT1479d ago

It really doesn't matter if it runs at 1080p and 30fps on both consoles. Awesome sites like DF will compare the two, find blades of grass or rocks in the road that look better on PS4 then X1, and then we can have 20 articles as to better looking grass and rocks on the PS4. Or they will have a 50 car pileup and complain that the FPS dropped to 29 on X1 and ran steady 30 on PS4. There is no such thing as parity as everyone is always looking for the 1 small detail that makes them feel better about the console they own.

MSBAUSTX1479d ago

I would rather have had 900p or even lower to support the 60FPS. This isnt assassins creed this is a freaking racing game and those FPS are very important.

PersonMan1478d ago

A racer does not need 60fps. Driveclub looks and feels great at 30fps. When I first played driveclub, it looked like it was running higher than 30fps because it was so damn smooth. Come to find out, it is only 30fps with high quality motion blur which helps to blend the frames together better to make it look like its a higher frame rate without the judder of an odd framerate.

Gamer19821478d ago

A racing game running at 1080p?? STOP THE PRESSES!!! Oh wait even last gen games managed that feat UBIFAIL. The fact they cannot support 60fps on a driving game with no weather and bare streets astounds me.. Forza could do it with a lot more detail (though some was laughable it still managed it).

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Deividas1479d ago

I love how now we have to state that a PC game has 60fps support...
PC should ALWAYS have 60fps. No need to make a statement out of it, just do it. That has always been the norm but since that whole Need for Speed fiasco, devs have to clarify this.

Why the hell would you limit a PC game to 30fps?...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1479d ago

They've done it before to be more 'cinematic' i.e. they didn't feel like doing the extra work.

BallsEye1479d ago

Exactly. Made me laugh! Most of games run over 100 fps on my PC :o. I still prefer to game on my console tho.

Sir_Simba1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

they stated before that they were gonna lock PC at 30fps but any reolution is accepted. I think its now a 60fps lock

Gamer19821478d ago

They have to state whether PC will have 60fps support thanks to last years games locking games at 30fps NFS was the worst.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1479d ago

I was hoping it would be 12fps, everyone knows 12fps is more cinematic, therefore better.

Tapani1479d ago

What happened to "The Crew has these new features" or "The Crew's map is xx square miles large". Where is that "In The Crew you can do this the first time ever in a car game!" or "The Crew has new interesting competitive online system".

Oh, I forgot! They were forgot between the "The Crew renders X amount pixels on screen and runs at X amount fps" and "PS4 and XOne parity!" headlines.

If you talk about graphics, then talk about graphics. Don't count the frikkin pixels! It's a waste of your time. Why don't you start with art direction, special effects and engine?

Gamer19821478d ago

Doesn't matter anyway the game sucks whether it would be 30fps or 60fps.. Going off the BETA, the handling is horrible and traffic everywhere meaning you just crash, crash, crash.. No fun at all and theres like 10 missions repeating 100s of times over a massive map. That stuff isn't gonna change past BETA (not talking about bugs here).

Tapani1478d ago

Fair enough! At least you are talking about the game and how it is, and not about the fps or pixel x pixel per screen :)

Btw, I'm born in 1982 as well!


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