Dragon Age Inquisition: PC - Low / Ultra Graphics Compare

According to Aaryn Flynn from BioWare, the narrative of Dragon Age: Inquisition will involve investigating a tear in the Veil, a breach into the Fade. The protagonist of this installment will be known as the Inquisitor, following the player characters of previous two games: the Warden, the Warden-Commander, and the Champion.

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hammad4121272d ago

on ultra it looks amazing

pickmyfix1272d ago

I didn't played it yet... Can't say anything but it looks amazing n awesome

Eldyraen1271d ago

I bought it for PC and have played it for several hours on Ultra settings and have to agree.

However I rented it on ps4 as expected a bigger multiplayer community--I tried it on ea access on Xbox one just to try multi first and enjoyed it even if it is simple in comparison. I have actually played 31h of ps4 campaign and love the way it looks and plays both. A few settings aside the most notable differences (to me) is more pop in on console but it isn't a huge deal (not saying there are not other differences as there are but ps4 version still looks fantastic). I've put in another 30+ on multiplayer (have all characters unlocked now) and am still enjoying it although I would love new maps/enemies already.

I have barely scratched the surface on the campaign though as I have only explored 4 regions and haven't even visited/unlocked most of the others yet. This game is easily my GotY and I wouldn't be surprised if it won many from actual sites/committees/etc. It is Bioware back to their best IMO and I look forward to playing it more every chance I get.

Just my take as awesome and amazing doesn't cut it ;)

extravalue1271d ago

can i run this on ultra?
i have a Radeon r9 290 4gb 512bit gpu
and an amd 8320 8core cpu

well my machine runs bf 4 and far cry 4 on i guess i answered my own question -_-