Trophies Not Retroactive

TheSixthAxis: "We've just been told that Trophies will not be awarded retrospectively, you'll need to start the game again to obtain any Trophies that game may offer. This is a bit of a shame, but with the ease of save game sharing on the PS3, it's only fair."

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Shadow Flare3738d ago

What? How would you even go about that in warhawk? I hope they fix this

Yoma3738d ago

I hope so too!

I have almost got all treasures on uncharted, and I do not want to do it all over again :(

paul_war3738d ago

I'd prefer not to have trophies then to get rid of the 90+ hours I've spent on Warhawk.

How can they do this to us.

Mikelarry3738d ago

i havent. just started playing warhawk muahahahahaha. lol joking but i was expecting this anyway having to play the game again to get the trophies. imagine if we have to do the same thing when home comes out. tut tut tut there wont be alot of happy ps3 owners

butterfinger3738d ago

If you'd prefer not to have trophies then you shouldn't worry about losing your 90+ hours on Warhawk lol.

paul_war3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I implied I'd prefer to have BOTH, but if I had to chose, there is no way I am getting rid of all those 102 hours of stats, just for a few trophies.

It really isn't worth it.


No probs, it's hard to tell on this site if people are being serious or not!

butterfinger3738d ago

I was just messing with you, I don't blame you for not losing all those hours you've put in. I wouldn't get rid of them either.

Ninja_9tails3738d ago

Warhawk does not keep track of your stats via a save file, therefore it may be an exception to the rule, since there is really no way to share for trophies.

hazeblaze3738d ago

I'm not really sure how this will work in a game like Warhawk... I guess you would just get trophies for all of your achievements moving forward... it's not exactly as if you can 'complete' the game anyway.

But I really don't mind having to play games again to get trophies... similar to achievements, it gives me a reason to play them again. I'm looking forward to it!

meepmoopmeep3738d ago

i'm sure some games will have a patch to take your past data and implement the trophy system with it. hopefully.

f7897903738d ago

In single player games nobody was watching you earn that trophy. I'm glad I didnt even try for the awards in Resistance.

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Captain Tuttle3738d ago

I think they mean "retroactively".

Ninja_9tails3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

If it means that cheaters won't be able to get trophies then I am all for it too. I will play my games again (that is why I bought them after all) if it means that my trophies will actually mean something. If they allowed trophies to be awarded for current saves then the trophies would not mean anything because there would always be a doubt...Did he just download a save for that?

Edit: Bah I meant to reply to 4 not 3.

thereapersson3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

You can transfer your game save between other PS3 systems, therefore enabling other players to take advantage of your unlocked trophies. By making you start over in a game, it will become harder for those lazy people out there to get trophies without actually trying to earn them themselves.

Delive3738d ago

I agree. It kind of sucks that I'll have to go through uncharted again though. It was a good game, but this would suck for the legitimate people. If it means that cheaters would not get what they didn't earn, then I'm for it.

rusgreim3738d ago

I wonder why the save games aren't tied to an ID like the 360's save files are... would make these issues a lot easier. Oh well, guess Sony didn't think far enough ahead. Late implementation of trophies and now this crap.

hazeblaze3738d ago

#1 I don't really understand why people would have a problem playing games again that they paid for... I think giving me a reason to play through a game again ADDS value to the game.

#2 There were problems with people cheating on XBox Live by downloading other peoples save files too. They may have addressed the problem now though, I'm not sure.

Delive3738d ago

I see your point, but in my case, if I'm not playing anything else, then replaying a game is not an issue. But If MGS is out or SC4, then taking time away from those to play a game I beat, over again seems like a chore, especially if beating it was luck.

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Cocozero3738d ago

Damn thats a shame, feel sorry for the people who have completed GTAIV 100% and still want the trophy for doing it