Teasing Samus in Metroid Wii U – not if but when

The release of Metroid Prime for the Gamecube back in 2002 marked the return of Samus after an eight year long absence in the videogame world – the last appearance of Samus was on the Super Nintendo in 1994.

People might wonder why Nintendo hasn’t released a new title for this popular IP on the Wii U yet.

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MSBAUSTX1392d ago

My god I hope so. I would pay $100 for a new HD Metroid Prime series game for my Wii U. Imagine how awesome the gamepad will be used! Man I hope this comes true.

Amigaengine1392d ago

Nintendo....make it happen.

Jag-T10001392d ago

Coming in 2020 most likely.

Summons751392d ago

Maybe not that late but it Zelda U is 2015 release than

Star Fox U - 2016

Metroid U - 2017?

The 10th Rider1392d ago

Miyamoto said he thinks he can get Star Fox finished in 2015, so it should hit by quarter 2 of 2015...Maybe Metroid as a holiday release for 2016?

The 10th Rider1392d ago

Oops, sorry guys. I meant quarter 2 of 2016. My bad.

gangsta_red1392d ago

Make it 2.5D, make it happen Nintendo...give it to Platinum! Give it all to Platinum! ;)

But seriously, this needs to happen.

MNGamer-N1392d ago

Only if... Two arm cannons

MSBAUSTX1392d ago

Lol nice amiibo related comment.

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The story is too old to be commented.