10 Things the Destiny Sequel Needs to Have

LzyGmrs done its research and has ten vital things we thing should be featured in the next installment of Destiny, coming our way in 2016.

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MSBAUSTX1394d ago

In depth story, stronger single player aspects, better world design, better color and contrast of colors on those worlds, less focus on compettitive multiplayer and more on cooperative play. Hell looks like it just needs to be a different dam game to me.

SaveFerris1394d ago

In other words, more everything?

MSBAUSTX1394d ago

Yeah I suppose. It had all the right ingredients but there wasnt enough of them to make me really like it.

JWiLL5521394d ago

Better color and contrast of colors?

You might want to check your TV settings, the color in each world looked pretty stellar. Obviously Mars and the Moon aren't going to have the same contrasting colors as earth/destiny's tropical version of venus.

VGMMDI1394d ago

I agree with this. Well, instead of having the story less confusing I would say have more of story. I didn't like the fact that while playing the game they hardly tell you a thing, but I'm being screamed at by people to look it up online.