GameStop's Cyber Monday promotion runs all week

GameStop is stretching its "Cyber Monday" sale — the Monday following Thanksgiving when many gift-shop online — across the entire week. Let's get to the deals.
New Hardware

$70 off Xbox One Holiday Value Bundle ($329.99) and $50 off Xbox 360 500GB Holiday Value Bundle ($199.99) — available only online
New Video Games & Accessories

$20 off new video game titles for Xbox 360 and PS3: NBA 2K15 ($39.99), Borderlands the Pre Sequel ($39.99), WWE 2K15 ($39.99); and $10 off BioShock Infinite Complete ($29.99) — available only online
Free Great White Shark and Bull Shark cards with purchase of PS3 Grand Theft Auto V video game ($30 value) — available only online

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traumadisaster1322d ago

Just proves Monday was not special and limited sales. The continuing devaluation of the real specials that got it started a few years ago.

DefenderOfDoom21322d ago

Is NBA 2K14 on sale for 8th gen on sale ?

cell9891322d ago

either MS is liking the sales or they havent sold out the allotment they had for Black Friday?

I see the same for the PS4 BTW, they had black Friday bundles selling yesterday at Cyber Monday