GTA V PS4 Bug Completely Downgrade "Graphics/Visuals & Overall Presentation": GTA V PS1/PS2 Version

A nasty bug in GTA V PS4 completely revamp graphics/visuals comparable to that of PS1/PS2 games, even worst than that.

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Neixus1353d ago

Hmm, still not as bad downgrade as Watch Dogs

Raiz1353d ago

lolzz are you sure about it? the title says the graphics/visuals downgrade is comparable to ps1 and ps2 era

Neixus1353d ago

So just because the title says so, that means it's true? I mean, the bug makes it look like it's on ps2 level, but you believe it just because of the title..?

And my comment was just a joke, seems like you didn't get it ;p

bouzebbal1352d ago

i dont know you but my PSone games never looked like that. the writer obviously never played on it

SolidStoner1352d ago

nothing new here these kind of bugs can happen to all games, and it may never happen to you (I never saw it)

And that title is misleading, making a problem out of nothing!

Gamer19821352d ago

It basically removes the textures.. Probably corrupted them somehow.. Thats why a re-install fixed it.

Farsendor11352d ago

if psx graphics looked like that back in the day games now would totally be on a different scale.

Dee_911352d ago

Yea mines does something similar when internet is bad on ps3 version too.Its a rendering issue

frostypants1352d ago

I doesn't look anything like a PS2/PS1 game. It's still high res. All it looks like this glitch does is eliminate all the texture maps. PS2 games had texture maps. The comparison made by the author is kind of ridiculous.

SonyWarrior1352d ago

this glitch happened to me on the ps3 version before hasnt happened to me yet on ps4

mikeslemonade1352d ago

but it's still 1080p, so it's all good!

XboxOneX1352d ago

I have seen multiple streams from Twitch and a lot of the times PS4 games always have this issue. Or maybe its the twitch stream? When you guys get this issue come up check to see if u have the streaming enabled by accident and disable it to see if that fixes it.

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Ps4andxb11352d ago

Watch dog character model graphics are much better than gta v.

Just sayin...

HammadTheBeast1352d ago

World is much smaller however,and the environment looks off at times.

Still good looking tho.

A2X_1352d ago

You're actually right, especially NPCs, they look good up close. GTAV is the better game however, obviously.

LamerTamer1351d ago

After playing both on the PS4 I would say the graphics are better in Watchdogs. In GTA V it is more sparse and the lighting isn't as good. Look to the distance in GTA V and there is serious geometry culling going on to the point where there is a blurry texture where buildings should be. Character models look last-gen and the game in general has a flat "cartoony" look to it. WD looks more real. Of course this is not saying which is the better game but graphically GTA V certainly has some remenants of last gen still showing.

NerdStar71353d ago

Sick! I hope R* make this as a optional feature, I would love to play GTA V with San Andreas graphics. I don't know why, but just would.

explicitbaron1351d ago

Don't know if you're being sarcastic but I would play GTAV in San Andreas graphics after beating it in Current Gen graphics. Love retro graphics.

NerdStar71351d ago

I would too, don't know why I got downvoted for saying that (I guess they're all graphics snobs).

Fizzerd1352d ago

Ah remembers me of the good old GTA games.

Ripsta7th1352d ago

The new Gta5 was pretty fun , you old people are just nostalgic of the old games u guys used to play

Plagasx1352d ago

"You old people".... Those are some fighting words right there, son.

Cam9771352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Don't click this article. Waste of time. It's literally just a but where some textures haven't loaded.

eezo1352d ago

you are calling it as just some "TEXTURE"

ion531352d ago

Just some everything hasn't loaded

1352d ago
sungam3d1352d ago

"Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is looks marvelous, the development team at Rockstar Games worked really very hard to match the life in fictional Los Santos City to be as realistic as possible."

Annnnd stopped reading.
Was this written by a 5 year old?

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