Amazon Cyber Monday 2014: Rocksmith 2014 $40, Dark Souls 2 $10, Price Match Deals

Techtorial: Amazon is now heavily price matching the deals of Best Buy offering titles in their lowest tags for this year.

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tonytough1358d ago

Hey For those that are looking for a way to get $35 PS PLUS 1 Year subscription and are willing to pay using PAYPAL for 2 years worth... Go to, get 2 years of PS PLUS for $100, pay with paypal and they will take off $30 for a total of $70. That's $35 a year.

tonytough1358d ago

sorry, sold out already.

optimus1358d ago

What did that have to do with this amazon deal??... I'm jumping on this deal as i've been looking to get rocksmith and an actual guitar for a long time.