343i Can be Trusted With the Halo Series

When it comes to Halo, the first thing that comes to some folks mind is how much changes the series has face over the years. We have some people that have complained about how closely related it is to the Call of Duty series

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Septic1391d ago

Can they though? For me, they already have 2 strikes against their name.

Strike 1: Halo 4 and its Multiplayer

Strike 2: Botching up the TMCC's stability.

I'm going to be cautious with Halo 5. No way am I going to give them any benefit of the doubt with that one.

EvilWay1390d ago

I agree. I am not sure they can, they are trying their best with Halo 5 but it looks to much like every FPS out there more than it does Halo. Only thing that looks like Halo to me is the guns and the Spartans.

I will say they have 1 strike against them because Halo MCC is a hard task, because it has 4 game engines running on dedicated servers all at one time. They don't have enough people in studio to test it for when a million people try to play at once.

I am very skeptical if they can be trusted but I still have faith, all that might be lost when I play Halo 5 but we will see

Septic1390d ago

I get what you're saying but as I see it, you just simply cannot afford to mess up something as big as Halo, no matter how gargantuan the task. Yeah I know that TMCC was a massive undertaking but if they saw fit to assume responsibility for the most important franchise in Xbox history, they had no choice but to deliver.

The ongoing instability has left a really sour taste in many people's mouths and it puts a HUGE damper on the whole affair. TMCC was supposed to be a celebration of one of the most iconic gaming series in history but it doesn't feel like that now.

I do like what I've seen so far of Halo 5. Nothing mind blowing but it looks decent. Question is, is 'decent' good enough for a series like Halo? I don't think so.

Halo 5 not only needs to work well at launch, it needs to be a stellar game too.

dirkdady1390d ago

Notice how butter smooth destiny was at launch? Compare that to 343 a newcomer to the industry. The talent gap is wide between bungee and 343.

True_Samurai1390d ago

I enjoyed Halo 4 imo the story was on point and the mp shouldn't had loadout. But besides that i enjoyed it a lot.

Septic1390d ago

I liked the story but it kind of required you to read the books by Greg Bear. The Halo games do a TERRIBLE job of doing the lore justice and telling a good story. Many a time you're left wondering exactly wtf is going on.

Mp was poor for me because of the maps and some cod like elements in the game.

PlanetOrbis1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Balancing is very important in PvP. Halo 4 Strayed too far away from what made Halo a significant part FPS.

Halo2ODST21389d ago

Story was a forced romannce, riddled with cliches & wayy to much cut scenes & dialogue & not enough missions

BlissSeeker1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

I agree. Regarding Halo 5 though ATM the multiplayer is looking decent (hopefully they add in new vehicles, assassination's, playable Prometheans, realistic infected mode etc.) but I just really hope they don't f*** up the story aspect as it's the reason I'm so into Halo and buy the games in the first place.

lifeisgamesok1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Agreed. After playing Halo 4 again it really is an incredible game

Riding in a Mantis destroying everything in my path is so satisfying

Online issues aside Halo MCC is great

Halo 5 multiplayer is also shaping up very well

polloloco1390d ago

No company can be trusted.

Septic1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

I agree to an extent. Don't place full faith in any company. Always err on the side of caution. Even with the likes of Rockstar or Naughty Dog, whilst you can be confident that they will deliver great experiences, they can also let you down.

For me personally, it was id software who let me down with Quake 4 and later games.

Just be cautious and try not to get your hopes too high in case you get let down. Easier said than done at times I know.

BitbyDeath1390d ago

Quake 4? Nope no such game. It ended at Arena. ;-)

SaveFerris1390d ago

Wasn't 343i created to take over from Bungie with some of the staff? Give them another chance please.

cmazza1390d ago


Watch out for typos in the future OP

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