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Dragon Age: Inquisition has been able to generate completely, as a role play Western was not long. Has some technical defect and some feature that will not please the purists of the genre but it is undeniable that we are facing a work of gigantic proportions and immense, both for sheer vastness that narrative complexity and playful, capable, combining classic and modern, to forget at once the controversial second chapter and set new high standards by which all other western RPGs will face from now on.

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grifter0241352d ago

Games unplayable with all these damn glitches and this damn corrupt load save shit

Sketchy_Galore1352d ago ShowReplies(1)
gangsta_red1352d ago

Great game, I have already sunk 36 hours into it and that is just side missions alone.

Such a great upgrade from part 2, good job Bioware.