Black Friday Post-Mortem: Driveclub up, Halo down, but Microsoft wins big in the US

Dealspwn: "For the moment, though, it's nice to see Microsoft build on the momentum they've generated under Phil Spencer and hit Black Friday with force. From a consumer perspective, the industry is at its best with both Microsoft and Sony firing on all cylinders, and we've certainly seen that in the console pricing wars this winter so far. It's going to be a cracking Christmas season, game on!"

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Blues Cowboy1324d ago

Yeah, it's a shame that Sony had to push DriveClub as the PS4's 'Big Christmas Game.' Saw some tasty LBP3 and GTA bundles, but a real shame they didn't have something a bit bigger on the first-party front.

I can't wait to see some head-to-head sales figures.

radler1324d ago

Yeah, Sony's first party lineup has been disappointing to say the least. Thankfully in 2015 they have Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 to hopefully carry them through the year.

breakpad1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

IMO Sony's tactic to not bring out the 'big guns' aka Order and Bloodborne these holidays was a smart move cause they let MS with their big name IPs (Halo , Sunset) to crash and wear upon relatively 'not so important' games (LBP 3 and Drive Club) for PS...leaving practically Sony without competition for 2015

marlinfan101324d ago

You havnt seen xboxs lineup for 2015 if you think theres no competition.

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thanhgee1324d ago

The problem with the XB1s 2015 lineup is that most of their biggest games come out late 2015..

GameNameFame1324d ago

True halo? Yea... One made by 343 and one scored a lot less than the real halos.

Real halos scored 90s. 343 halo scores mid 80s.

Still good score, but big downgrade.

marlinfan101324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Ori and scream ride in the beginning of the year, state of decay during the summer, QB and halo to close the year out. Dont forget about scalebound, the new KI and possibly crackdown also. Then I guarantee theres some unannounced titles planned for 2015.

Lol gotta love the people that disagree with me For posting a list of games next year.

jb2271323d ago


By most Xbox fans critiques, indies or smaller games like Ori & Screamride apparently don't count. Sure they are being published by MS but at the end of the day, the creators themselves (at least in Ori's case) have likened them to indie games. Indie or not, I'm not sure a good looking short platformed & a roller coaster sim can really compete with titles like The Order & Bloodborne.

Orbilator1323d ago

To many cheap skate parents buying there kids the cheapest console for Christmas, wiiu excluded be a lot of disappointment on crimbo day

Halo2ODST21323d ago

Timotim - stop being a blind fanboy, halo 5 might turn out like halo 4

marlinfan101323d ago


why does scream ride need to compare to the order or bloodborne? obviously i wasn't saying scream ride is a big killer game coming out, that was to whoever was saying MS has nothing in the first couple months.

why wouldnt you compare halo, quantum break, scale bound, or crackdown? of course you don't mention those and only mention the 2 smaller games because that fits your argument better.

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MegaSackman1324d ago

Although Microsoft did great and lowering the price was a good move, It's true that the console was $500 just a few months ago, the fact that they have to come to this is not a good thing but ok, that's in the past now. Let's game.

kennyg37391324d ago

I don't know if you realized but that 500 xbox did come with Kinect, so that's big difference

MegaSackman1323d ago

I know that, but my point doesn't change the meaning of it is the same. It's a pretty drastic price drop.

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FarEastOrient1324d ago

All of these internet posts with numbers coming from InfoScout whose track record has so many errors.

Ezz20131323d ago

they were soo wrong with Nov 2013 numbers
yet all sites act like they are saying the truth

tlougotg1324d ago

Lol i love some of these responses lol Tastes are subjective "Infamous" alone was more tempting than any Xbone game released this year, followed by Resogun, TLOU Remastered, Killzone, MLB The Show, DriveClub, etc.... but yeah lets give the perception that Ps4 has no games or better yet the highest rated game out of the two lol

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mediate-this1323d ago

Says tastes are subjective then states his opinion as fact

HaveAsandwich1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

How big? Where are the actual numbers from a reputable source?

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