Elite: Dangerous Gamma 1.04 Released

VRFocus - The updates for the Gamma build of virtual reality (VR) compatible space simulation videogame Elite: Dangerous show no signs of slowing down in the build up to launch. Frontier Developments has been making absolutely sure that it the title’s release on 16th December 2014 will run smoothly by constantly refining this build, which is available through its official site. As such, the studio has recently released the Gamma 1.04 build of the title, marking the third update in the space of a week and with more likely to come.

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Jdoki1330d ago

I played the first two Gamma releases. The game is excellent. I'm now going to wait until Dec 16th to start playing properly.

I hope this game gets the recognition and player base it deserves.

Muadiib1329d ago

There's been an alpha, a beta and now a gamma, I played the first two and the game was bare bones, it still looks it to me, I hope they flesh out the galaxy with some actual content at some point because if they don't this game will remain niche at best.

Special mention to the excellent audio design though, it's the only thing I like about the game so far except for my first few times trying to dock!

Jdoki1329d ago

I agree they may have stuck a bit too closely to the original vision of Elite. But I can only see it growing over time.

When I played it back in 1984-ish it was mind blowing - even though there wasn't much to do. I liked it because the experience was so free-form and bit more relaxed - and that does still comes through now. I love having a galaxy to immerse myself in.

In 2014 expectations may be different - but I hope it doesn't get criticised for what people think it should be rather than for what it is.