PS4 will undercut Xbox One in China, reports claim

Reports in the Chinese media suggest that PS4 will launch at a lower price than Xbox One. Sony will launch the console at CNY 2,999 (£310, $488 USD). The base Xbox One costs CNY 3,699 (£382, $601 USD) while the Kinect version costs CNY 4,299 (£444, $699 USD).

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TheLyonKing1325d ago

Would be a smart move by Sony.

China is a huge u tapped market, there is a growing middle class that can now afford consoles butthat doesn't mean they can just spend spend spend so they will look at both consoles and go "well ps4 is cheaper therefore we will get ps4"

TheLyonKing1325d ago

Haha looks like my phone thinks butthat is an acceptable word.

Balsanoid1325d ago

@TheLyonKing ...and that is completely awesome. I want your phone. ;)

Mikelarry1325d ago

like they did in the west and everyone and their gran ma's got a ps4. if the ps4 dominates in china then this round of console war is truly over.

uptownsoul1325d ago

This round? It may finish the console war for good. If the Chinese people take to the Playstation ecosystem the way the rest of Asia or most of Europe does, that may get the majority of console Chinese gamers to go with Playstation long term

savaroth1325d ago

Maybe , maybe not. I have allways been more of a Sony person since the ps2.

However, all it takes is one or 2 very bad design/marketing choices and you're back at the bottom. Look at Nintendo...

Sony has the better hardware and it even has more games that are of interest to me, however Sony PSN is not that great and some of us still remembers Sony's rootkits, etc...

Mikelarry1325d ago

this round as in ps4 vs xbox 1

badz1491325d ago

more like the PS4 vs "the rest"

vikingland11325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

@Mikelarry: MS should have learned from the release in the west (price matters). They will have to do huge price cuts in China too. They didn't pay attention in class.

jackanderson19851325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

well no they played it smart... they've had a couple of months free to charge whatever, they've sold X amount of consoles at 388 dollars or whatever... then when sony announces it's release date and price all MS has to do is announce that the week before the X1 is dropping to 10 or 20 dollars less than the cost of a PS4

vikingland11325d ago

I still think they would have sold more at a lower price. I get what you are saying though. But also remember the flack MS got from early buyers about the price cuts/sales MS did.

Septic1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

"But also remember the flack MS got from early buyers about the price cuts/sales MS did"

Yeah but that's just entitled whining. Early adopters who actually have their heads screwed on right will know the dangers of buying consoles day one with regard to price as well as hardware stability.

Of course they would have sold more at a lower price. But how low did you want MS to go? They have to maximise the value of the products they are selling and if a respectable number of people are going to buy your console at a premium then of course you'd sell it at the highest price point possible.

If Sony undercut Xbox One, that's a reactionary pricing measure. Nothing precludes Microsoft from then doing the same upon release of the PS4, as jackanderson quite rightly states.

Basic business tactics really.

jackanderson19851325d ago

@septic aye basic business really

@viking early adopters might feel shafted but if people see MS going oh we're cheaper than PS4, have games good to go and we've these added functions that they don't then people will be curious... price cut has done wonders for them in the US it should do the same in China if they go down that line

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mhunterjr1325d ago

They were the only console in the market, so naturally, they could charge whatever they wanted. When Sony comes to town, MS will surely drop their price to match.

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Eonjay1325d ago

I don't understand why the X1 is so expensive in China and I don't think it is smart for SMG/Microsoft to be charging more than the unlocked gray market version.

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