Far Cry 4 Review (GameWatcher)

From "Far Cry 4 is a terrific game, with a massive amount of fun content, satisfying gameplay, and unlike a certain other Ubisoft title out this month pretty damn polished. If you're an FPS fan you won't be disappointed and even if it's your only game it'll keep you occupied well past Christmas. On the flipside the multiplayer's fun but forgettable, the graphics are good but not stunning, there are a couple of annoying missions, friendly AI is rubbish, and the forced hunting will put some people off. But the worst thing is that it just feels exactly like Far Cry 3. It's improved, all the bad points have been brushed off, and more content has been added, but I feel like I've done it all before and often it didn't excite me as much as it would've done if I hadn't played the last title. A worthy purchase certainly, but only if you're prepared to accept Far Cry 3.5 rather than Far Cry 4".

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