C.O.R.E (DS FPS) Debut Trailer

Announced in 2007 with an expected release date of Q4 2007, C.O.R.E (DS)from Noway Studios is classic-FPS action with a modern spin. Now slated for completion in Q4 2008, the game looks surprisingly decent so far for a DS title.

Gameplay details include:
- 14 levels
- 20 different enemies ranging from "insane marines and mad scientists"
- Secret rooms and special quests.
- 8 types of guns, such as: blaster, shotgun, plasma gun or rocket launcher. Some of them will have alternative shooting options or optical zoom.
- Vehicles
- Play multiplayer with friedsversion (?) using classic modes like: deathmatch, capture the flag or team arena

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floatingworld3817d ago

This game might turn out decent, but I have no clue where the developer came from.

Perverted3817d ago

That looks pretty sweet for a DS game.....
But I hate the guys voice when he gets hurt....I'll be havingnightmares for weeks.