Microsoft Announces Price Cut for Xbox 360 in Japan

The Xbox 360 has never been what you’d define a massively succesful console in Japan, but Microsoft seem to be hoping to sell more, or at least to clear some inventory by announcing a price cut.

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Septic1328d ago

A little too late no?

Abriael1328d ago

Indeed, but hey, better than a punch in the eye.

Septic1328d ago

Well, the 360 is akin to a corpse in Japan so a punch to an already decomposing face is hardly going to a make a difference.

#dramatism #anthropomorphism #hashtags #ihatemondays

r1sh121328d ago

the should give it away with xbone..
They should bundle in all the games that make xbox 360 great...

Sell it as a loss leader, its the only way to get any traction in a market that does not want you there.

Magicite1327d ago

I thought its discontinued in Japan, selling less than 100 units/week.

polloloco1328d ago Show
Perjoss1328d ago

They need to just stop. At this point its almost like they are just trying to make a statement, but what exactly that statement is remains to be seen.

SynestheticRoar1328d ago

Their about to give that ass away for free.

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The story is too old to be commented.