PlayStation China Conference Confirmed PS4 & PS Vita Launch Plan to be Revealed

According to A9VG’s exclusive report, Sony Computer Entertainment will reveal PlayStation’s launch plan for People’s Republic of China during a special conference in Shanghai on 11th December. The release dates and selling prices of PS4 and PS Vita in China mainland will be announced with information of several PlayStation softwares and services.

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MasterCornholio1204d ago

I wonder how many FTP games they will announce there? FTP is pretty big in China and the PS4 is quite friendly for those types of titles.

Nekroo911204d ago

How many? They dont need too many games because Kingdom Under fire 2 is enough to make eveyrone happy, since its a mix of 3 different genres

tlougotg1204d ago

Sony dominance will continue, the massacre is not over.

Spotie1204d ago

But the Chinese and Japanese hate each other and want nothing to do with each other's products! /s

Applejack1204d ago

I guess people didn't catch the sarcasm.

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