'PS4 Hasn’t Been Nearly Around Long Enough To Have Its Uncharted 2, Let Alone Its The Last of Us'

Before the launch of PlayStation 4, there was a lot of hype regarding its technical prowess. Some developers claimed it would outperform most PCs out there.

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sprinterboy1268d ago

Couldn't agree more, still having a blast though.
Off topic my black Friday sony gold playstation headset came today, wow just wow, £53 just watched dawn of the apes, played driveclub and p.t, watched fury trailer and listened to new endless river pink Floyd album, best purchase audio wise ever.

CBaoth1268d ago

ABsolutely stunning album. From the retro vibe of "It's what we do" to the haunting "Talkin Hawkin" it's crazy to think this was largely outtake material from the Division Bell. I hope more fans recognize the colossal contributions of Richard Wright and Nick Mason after listening to it. Just sublime.

Applejack1268d ago

Apparently it's not so obvious to a good amount of gamers who have short term memory loss every new generation...

Septic1268d ago

Yo Rashid. Small typo that I noticed:

"Some of the BEEST games on the PlayStation console were released couple of years after launch"

Well Uncharted 4 should be this gen's Uncharted 2, as weird as that sounds. I'm quite confident in ND delivering.

I'm cautiously optimistic about The Order.

A new IP most likely would have the impact like Uncharted 2 and TLOU if UC4 doesn't do it for others.

desolationstorm1268d ago

One good reason about porting the Last of Us on the PS4. Some members have experience on the ps4 while helping on Uncharted 4.

strangeaeon1268d ago

I agree, but sheesh, something about that title is off.

vikingland11268d ago

"Been nearly around long enough" is wrong. "Been around nearly long enough" is what it should say.

kevinsheeks1268d ago

I'm not a grammar nazi but that title just annoyed me it just sounds so wrong.

kayoss1268d ago

I have to agree. Something is wrong with the title of this article. It's a correct sentence, but for some reason it's a very confusing sentence.

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The story is too old to be commented.