Why Far Cry 4 deserves to be Game of the Year

FC4 is nothing short of a masterpiece. It may have a predecessor that had much of what it has now in terms of gameplay, but regardless, the game is wonderful. It was not afraid to be daring and that courage has paid off.

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HanCilliers1180d ago

At least Ubisoft got this one perfect

DesVader1180d ago

Must be sighs of relief at their offices :)

Sillicur1180d ago

Haha yeh definately should be after Unity

lipton1011180d ago

I'd put it more in the category of ' very good ' personally. Really a lovely game though. Really fun and doesn't take itself too seriously

Palitera1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Me too.

Shadow of Mordor is way ahead, IMO, for its awesome, creative and varied design, great gameplay, different challenges and the orcs' personalities mechanics, in an age where 90% of the games are extremely derivative, sometimes only changing one or two mechanics and adding a new setting/story, specially annual franchises.

Baka-akaB1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Before Dragon Age III Inquisition ? no way

SharnOfTheDEAD1180d ago

Agreed, 50 hours, still going strong, for me DA3 is not just one of the best games this year, but it's one of the best games in years! As for awards etc I expect Alien Isolation to win some for sound and lighting.

Sillicur1180d ago

DA: Inquisition is in my books the game of the year...

HanCilliers1180d ago

Agree, should be Inquisition

R6ex1180d ago

Inquisition felt so Last-Gen after playing ACU & BF4.

Baka-akaB1180d ago

Oh yeah especially with the same engine that BF4 .... in an almost open world setting ...

Mega241180d ago

DAI is a 9/10 in my book, 52 hours in and still having fun, 3 dragons have been put down.

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Sillicur1180d ago

Far Cry 4 does have some bugs / glitches and had some co-op problems as well until like 5 days ago when a patch rolled out.

I do not agree that this game is perfect, as the 10/10 score would suggest.

However, it is the best game that has come from Ubisoft this year and definately a great game in its own right.

plmkoh1180d ago

Shallow story, disposable characters, weak moral choices, dumb AI, insignificant animal presence, rinse 'n repeat gameplay, uncanny emptiness of locations when not activated, illogical barriers to stop progression and strange weapon balancing like limited attachments on guns when there are clearly 3 slots.

The game of the month is the best it may deserve. Don't get caught up in the whole freedom run'n gun hype, when I've listed but a handful of these jarring problems that Ubisoft never addressed or back stepped from FarCry 3.

Sillicur1180d ago

Well said sir, thanks for pointing these out.

iistuii1180d ago

I haven't played much, but what I did it's just Far Cry 3 in a different location.

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The story is too old to be commented.