Dragon Age: Inquisition Only $45 as Amazon Deal of the Day

Hardcore Gamer: If you’ve been dying to check out Dragon Age: Inquisition, then Amazon’s got the deal for you. For a mere $45 across any platform you so desire, you can get Bioware’s latest epic RPG.

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thekhurg1355d ago

Game of the year for $45.

anticlimax1354d ago

Broken game of the year for $45. Posted a problem on the Inquisition troubleshoot forum. By the next morning 7 pages of new threads had emerged. Those forums fly by, they're so full of desperate gamers.

I have personally had three gamebreaking bugs so far (haven't been able to find a fix for the third -> can't play), EA help can do nothing but point you towards the forums, on the forums i've never had any responce from someone from EA or Bioware. Great game, if you're able to play.

thekhurg1354d ago

Guess you're on the PC.

anticlimax1354d ago

I am. On consoles it is indeed better, about one in ten complaints on the forums are of consoles.