The PlayStation 4's best exclusive so far is...

"The PlayStation team have devised some great motto’s this generation such as “Greatness Awaits” and “For the Players” and after over a year since release, we look back at what exactly Sony have delivered with the PS4 and its gameplay experiences."

GameOnDaily discusses PS4's exclusives and picks one title that it considers the best PS4 exclusive so far.

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kingtroy1324d ago

It blows my mind how many people forget about ''Guilty Gear xrd''

NovusTerminus1324d ago

I certainly have not! The demo was amazing!

bouzebbal1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

a highly subjective article once more.. Resogun is a fun game. not great but fun. Saying it's the best exclusive is really pushing it.
inFamous is good, first light is good, TLoU is good, Knack is good, Guilty Gear is great, LBP3 is amazing., Transistor, Velocity 2X...i'm sure people will add more games to this list. i take these anytime rather than Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Forza.. again, opinions matter here.
keep hating! talking bad even before release :) kinda expected opinion..

Septic1324d ago

"a highly subjective article once more.."

"Saying it's the best exclusive is really pushing it. "

Pushing what? A subjective opinion?

"keep hating! talking bad even before release :)"

Hating on what? What hasn't been released that was discussed in the article?

"i take these anytime rather than Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Forza.. again, opinions matter here. "

":) kinda expected opinion.."

Expected opinion indeed ;)

bouzebbal1324d ago

@Septic: this is just one more hate article to show that PS4 has NO GAMES :) 2016 comes by and you'll still make it to keep these articles coming, i'm sure!

Septic1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

"2016 comes by and you'll still make it to keep these articles coming, i'm sure!"

Well some of us have higher standards than others (even if it is all subjective) and aren't really in the business of making excuses for companies or devs. If 2016 is barren like it has been on the Sony front so far, then yeah, an article like this will come out.

Of course, like I've said before, 2015 is Sony's year in my opinion, which of course you'll be very quick to nod in agreement at.

"keep hating! talking bad even before release "

What hasn't released yet by the way?

Resogun is one of my favourite games this gen by the way. It really took me aback and when I say my favourite games, I mean on all platforms.

Saigon1323d ago

@Septic, sorry I sort of disagree with this article, mainly because each gamer has their own opinion to what game was great in 2014 for the PS4. For me in all honesty is was ISS. The game was put together very well with the flaw of having a very bland story. In comparison to the other 2 I would have like to see different scenarios play out depending the sides chosen. But again, other than that I thought it was a solid game.

You have been on the kick since earlier this year that ResoGun was the best exclusive on the PS4 and like most I truly disagree. Some mentioned the remake of the TLOU, which was a great game last year and its perfect that some who couldn't experience it last year were able to this year.

In all honesty neither system XBO or PS4 has a killer exclusive in their first year. When I purchased my systems I knew that would be the case and it did happen. Nothing really to bark about this year for either side. Next year on the other hand will be very interesting for both parties and i can't wait.

I still don't know why ResoGun is considered the better exclusive; mainly because there are other great exclusive Indie games on the PS4 system that are better.

d0x3601323d ago

Id take dead rising, titanfall, killer instinct, forza, horizon, sunset over drive, halo MCC etc over the current crop of exclusive ps4 titles any day. What is there really? Drive club, infamous and...a couple indie titles?

I really don't see how any actual gamer could say that the Xbox doesn't have a better lineup right now. Its absurd and absolutely fanboy nonsense.

Rockstar1323d ago


actual gamer here...

I could say the Xbone doesn't have a better lineup right now. Guess what though, that's my opinion just as your comment is your opinion. It's all subjective and you don't have to be a fanboy to have a different opinion.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

In order, the best being first:

The Last Of Us Remastered (Of course)

Infamous Second Son/First Light

Final Fantasy 14



MLB 14

The Binding Of Isaac


Definitely TLOU and Infamous deserve to be at the top.

lolosgolos1324d ago

This list is sad for a great console like PS4

SuperLupe1324d ago

Not very appealing to be honest ...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1324d ago

What console(s) do you two have? @lolosgolos & @SuperLupe

Not much available on Xbox one either, except games for 12 years olds.

dcj05241324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

You forgot Killzone:Shadowfall and Little Big Planet . Edit: And of course Guilty Gear Xrd

u4one1324d ago

tlou was a ps3 exclusive. Driveclub was well... Let's leave that alone. A big chunk of the rest are small Indie games. Those are cool but not why I bought a ps4 considering I could get a very similar experience on the ps3. Kind of a sparse landscape for ps4 exclusives in 2014. 2015 will be great but I dunno. People will hate me for saying this but my xb1 is getting more attention as of now. All I can say is try to appreciate before you hate. Fwiw I still buy more multiplats on ps4, sometimes for higher res, but usually so I at least have something to play on it. I'm actually kind of surprised about the amount of flack Xbox gets when the ps4 is kinda missing it's big non ps3 hits. I'm not hating, just been my experience. SSO, fh2, f5 have all been fantastic current gen exclusives imo. So much so that they occupy most of my time (though gta5 is now in the running tho not an exclusive).
Just my opinions of course for sake of debate.

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OldDude1323d ago


TLoU = PS3
FF14 = PC (2012)
MLB 14 = PS3, Vita
Binding of Isaac = PC
Transistor = PC

While these games may be exclusive to Sony consoles, they are hardly exclusive to PS4.

gangsta_red1323d ago

I find it pretty bad when a system's best exclusive happens to be a PS3 game.

I mean people complain about paying for a 400 dollar system and not getting 1080p games and yet they're happy with a 2 year old PS3 game being it's best exclusive for a new system?

Just doesn't make sense.

Conzul1323d ago

Transistor is my GOTY 2014.

ninsigma1323d ago

Yet there isn't anything on xbox that is better than it. What does that tell you??

ziggurcat1323d ago


... and how excited were you for the MCC??

you can't seriously be trash-talking TLoU remaster when the MCC collection has games that are up to 10 years old (even halo 4, also late last gen, is older than TLoU)...

r2oB1323d ago

Titanfall is on 360/PC
Dead Rising 3 is on PC
Ryse is on PC
HMCC are games that were released on XBox and Xbox 360
Project Spark is on PC
Forza Horizon 2 is on 360

Off the top of the head I can name four PS4 only retail exclusives (Killzone, knack, drive club, infamous ss). How many games are exclusive to Xbox One? Sunset Overdrive, killer instinct... What else?

Perhaps people should concern themselves with their own camp before bashing another.

mediate-this1323d ago

Going by Sony fanboy logic tlou is not an exclusive you can get the game on ps3. Just saying

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mediate-this1323d ago

Is guilty gear even out in North America or just japan

TimeSkipLuffy1324d ago

For me it is inFamous. It hasn't changed much gameplay wise from the earlier iterations but it still was fun and great to look at. I am looking forward to many more PS exclusives! Especially the next exclusive One Piece game *____*

Volkama1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I got a PS4 relatively recently, and pretty much only bought all the exclusive games.

TLOU Remastered is my favourite exclusive so far, though I would not feel that if I had finished the PS3 version.

I quite like Infamous. That's my second favourite.

Driveclub is OK, but no better than that (even when it works properly)

I haven't got far into Killzone but it's pretty awful so far.

I haven't got as far as installing Knack yet.

And Resogun I don't enjoy at all. Just like I don't enjoy the Geometry Wars games at all. I appreciate that everyone has differing tastes and opinions, but I don't get how these kinds of games earn so much affection.

Good article though. I hope to see gameondaily pick apart the XBox exclusives in the near future. Wii U article would be interesting too actually.

Ozmoses1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Games like Geometry Wars garner so much attention because they are literally addictive and mind-boggling...

I'm #2 on the Evolved Classic Leaderboards on PS4 for the newest Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions... PSN - JayBizzle311

That's the draw... the chaotic fast pace nature of the game.. that makes it look like an acid trip is on an acid trip..

that's why.. people can't fathom how people can get such high scores..

I've been playing games since before their was a AAA or an Indie... back in the Sega and Nintendo days a game was a game.

dcj05241324d ago

Killzone was my favorite shooter of 2013 behind BF4 ( When they fixed the net code). Different strokes for differemt folks i suppose.

Volkama1324d ago

@DC I haven't got far into Killzone, and I haven't tried multiplayer at all yet. So not a comprehensive review by any means. I'll re-visit it later.

Rimeskeem1323d ago

I admit that killzone story was pretty bad but the online on that game is so addicting

ninsigma1323d ago

Killzone single player is fun enough I found though its story is muck. The multi player is great though! You should definitely try that out at some point.

Dyldog691323d ago

Must not like shooters if you don't like resogun. It was one of the best I've ever played and I've been playing shooters since r-type

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SuperDan-Dare1324d ago

Wtf is Resogun? Are we saying a side scroller beat everything else the PS4 had to offer this year?

Septic1324d ago

Check it out Dan, it is a great game.

" Are we saying a side scroller beat everything else the PS4 had to offer this year?"

Yes and why not? It's all about gameplay and fun and there's no reason why a side scroller cannot go toe to toe with your AAA titles. Resogun is proof of this.

SuperDan-Dare1324d ago

Fair enough - I'll look into it. Must be amazing.

1324d ago
MeliMel1324d ago

So far for me its The Last of Us Remastered.

vikingland11324d ago

Good pick,it was my fav until LBP3.

krouse931324d ago

Is it worth it if I'm not that big into creating levels? I played 1 & 2, plus the vita version & I'm still on the fence about 3.

vikingland11324d ago

I think it's better than 1 & 2.

Fizzler1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Neither TLoU nor LBP3 are PS4 exclusive, both are also on PS3.

WeAreLegion1324d ago

Second Son has been my favorite, so far.

Dyldog691323d ago

That's a bright spot for me too. Low replayability due to the repetitive formula of the infamous series and lack of online