PlayStation US Boss: VR to change 'the entire gaming experience'

VRFocus - Throughout 2014 Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has shown wavering commitment to its Project Morpheus head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4. Despite excitement from figureheads such as Shuhei Yoshida and confirmation of titles such as EVE: Valkyrie heading to the platform, certain executives have refused to outright confirm that the device will definitely see a release. However this week sees more positive comments on the kits' future come from SCEA chief executive Shawn Layden, who has said that VR will change 'the entire gaming experience.'

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Community1359d ago
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Septic1359d ago

We shall see. I hope VR doesn't end up being a gimmick. Things have been really quiet on the Morpheus front so far.

Spotie1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Rather than "so far," don't you mean, "recently?"

Edit: And what type of "noise" have we heard on the OR front recently? About as much, wouldn't you say?

Point is: we got a good deal of information before. If we haven't heard anything recently, that's not the same as so far. And, in any case, why single out Morpheus when, as stated, neither of the two upcoming devices has had any news recently?

Septic1359d ago

Recently, so far...its all very quiet. System price, specs, how it will work, when it will be likely to be is very thin on the ground no?

Kurylo3d1359d ago

The OR has constant updates to firmware, software, game engines... and u can buy it right now if u really wanted to. Thats the news for OR lol.

Kurylo3d1358d ago

When someone clicks disagree on a fact... that is just rediculous lol... Too many fanboys. Its not like im making this up. Occlus is in the public eye with constant updates with game developers already using it. It is already supported by unity unreal and crytek. You can download the implementations for the engines. Sony is all behind the curtains.

Septic1358d ago

"And, in any case, why single out Morpheus when, as stated, neither of the two upcoming devices has had any news recently?"

Because this article is about the PLAYSTATION boss talking about VR?

Yeah I would say the same about OR too but that's not the point.

ABizzel11358d ago

I'm anxiously anticipating Morpheus as well. And hopefully it works out for them.

First Person games are the easy go to, but I want to see what else can really benefit from VR.

Price has to be nailed, the screens need to be OLED, and the software needs to be there.

So sony needs to have a $350 or less PS4 2015, Morpheus needs to be $150 / $200 w. Camera, screens need to be OLED (they're small enough it shouldn't be that expensive), and there needs to be a good amount of content with a bunch of games getting patched for VR.

Otherwise it's going to struggle.

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FromTheAshes1359d ago

Wow he speaks...Alot more introvert than Jack Tretton...Good to see him comment on the state of VR in gaming.

“We have to concentrate on delivering this VR experience in a meaningful and attractive way in the gaming world first. his mindset is in the right place.

miyamoto1358d ago

Shawn Layden is holding something invisible on that right hand of his....what could that be?

badz1491358d ago

invisible wand obviously, duuhh

Mikefizzled1359d ago

I always feel like Layden is within seconds of announcing a fully fledged sequel to Vib Ribbon at all times.

lemoncake1359d ago

Will take a massive amount of PR funding, events, third party development support and celebrity endorsements if it's going to be anything more than a flash in the pan. Being realistic Sony doesn't have the financial resources to pull it off and it will come down to what the oculus and Facebook do and whoever else is going to push it.

mcstorm1359d ago

I still don't see VR becoming a big success in the home console market because at the moment it will be too expensive, People wont want to be getting home from a day at work and putting a device on there head to play a game esp the ones that multi task when gaming.
I also don't see the developers supporting it as well.

I hope I am wrong as I love to see new tech in the market but I just don't see people picking VR gaming over playing on their Big TV.

I also agree with the reason you put above too.

Like I said before the Fan boys start I want it to be a success but I don't see it being just Like 3D gaming/Films.

Yaay4me1358d ago

VR is going to change the world. It will be everywhere. Eventually you will visit a hotel room before you rent it, you will go to the luvre museum in paris without ever setting foot in paris, and man o man will companies push for something that can exponentially increase their sales! When your favorite sports club sells you a ticket to watch a game from the stadium, with unlimited seating, thats when you will realize the potential of VR. In the not so distant future we will be watching movies in VR (this Sony has already spoken about). Oh and last but not least, when you put the headset on to play a game, thats the first time you understand whats the difference between watching the action on a box, versus being immerssed in the game's world.

Immerssion is the ultimate goal of all entertainment mediums, and VR is the next level. It will be the next TV. (Im pretty sure VR headsets will be sold alongside tvs pretty soon)

Outthink_The_Room1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

No it won't.

People didn't want to wear glasses for 90 minutes during a movie.

You really think people are now somehow going to strap an expensive helmet over their face to "immerse themselves"?

How often do you get a text while playing?
How often do you take a phone call or even e-mail while gaming?
How often do you look over at your phone?
How often do you look at your clock or cable box with the time on it?
How often do you eat while playing games?

None of these activities are functional while using VR.

Almost everyone nowadays talks about how they multitask while watching movies or TV or playing games. VR is anti-multitasking. You literally need to sit there and do nothing else.

These are the absolute BASICS of how people go about their daily lives. What I described is the tip of the iceberg, not even the submerged aspects.

There are many, MANY other reasons why VR isn't going to take off, such as time spent in an activity. Virtually every demo is short duration.

Everyone talks about the roller coaster demo. Yeah, that's a couple minutes. Same thing with the underwater diving demo. Or nature walks for 10 minutes.

These are 3-4 hour experiences. They are quick 5-10 minute things. Only enthusiasts are going to isolate themselves for 3-4 hours, not the casual person.

VR will be niche. It won't die off like 3D, but it ain't changing the world anytime soon.

Yaay4me1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Your comment misses the point. The only difference between multitasking and multitasking while in VR is that you may not realize that you got a text. But tgats the point. If you hear your phone go off you can simply slide the headset above you head and do whatever it is you need to. Normally when you get a text you need to pause your game and pick up your phone to text back correct? Or when you eat, you put the controller down right? At least i hope so. Well, same thing with VR. Except some experiences with VR will be hands free, like a travelling application for example. Maybe you could have a slice of pizza while sight seeing in italy (maybe walking around in the Vatican?) Besides the whole purpose of VR is to immerse you, so if you are unaware of the text, thats sort of the point. Fact of the matter is you wont get VR until you put it on.

You mentioned putting on glasses to watch movies. You are correct that people didnt want to use it in their homes, but that was because of the low level of value it offerred, as compared to the better one offerred in movie theaters where up until right now people pay a lot more money to watch certain movies in 3d. But 3d is not even close to the immersion that VR will offer. They are simply not comparable.

You put the words "immerse theselves" in quitations as if to downplay it. Dont take those words lightly. Immersion is what every movie you ever watched was trying to get you to do. The more immersed in the viision of the director you were, the more you liked that movie. Same thing with games, same thing with books.

There is a reason Facebook paid 2 billion dollars for a start up VR company. VR is the next wave.

freshslicepizza1359d ago

it could be a game changer but they definitely have to do a much better job marketing it and supporting it than they did with the motion controlled move.

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