UK: Black Friday boosts for Xbox One and PS4

Both the PS4 and Xbox One saw sales double week-on-week, with Xbox One again just edging ahead of its rival.

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Gamer19821352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

This is in the UK lets be fair here the xbox one on black friday was selling for £270 in most places or £300 with 4 games (2 old assasins creed games) whereas the ps4 was £300 with 2 games (TLOU and driveclub). So many went for the cheaper console.. MS obviously dropped the price black friday to get a foothold. Will it work? Time will tell but its probably nothing more than a minor sales boost.

Spotie1352d ago

Well, there's gotta be something to give them hope. It might be false, but at least right now some people can pretend the XB1 is poised to make a comeback, based solely off one day of sales.

After all, even Microsoft said they only care about the holidays.

Ezz20131352d ago

Maybe i'm reading this wrong but

** with Xbox One again just edging ahead of its rival**

Are you telling me that after price drops,2 free games with the system
they only manage to only get a SLIGHT edge over Ps4 ?!

Foehammer1352d ago

Congrats to MS and the X1 on it's Black Friday Victory.

Funny to here ppl talk about how price effects sales, but they always forget about the price difference in the first 7 months, lol

n4rc1352d ago

You noticed that too huh?
Amazingly convenient that now suddenly $50 is the reason for them to lead..

But $100 couldn't possibly sway people the previous year?

Funny how that works lol