Final Fantasy XIV PS4/PS3 Free Trial Coming December 11th; PS4 Upgrade Extended

Naoki Yoshida gave info on the extension of the PS3 to PS4 upgrade offer and on the PS4 free trial.

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Zichu1390d ago

Bought the PS3 version from Tesco in October for about £3, I had already played 1.0 and the beta to that, wasn't enjoyable. Played the beta for 2.0 and it was so much better. Been playing ever since I bought it, but I wanted to get a PS4 for it. The performance on the PS3 is quite bad at times and the graphics aren't amazing.

My PS4 should arrive today, will get it all hooked up and get my free upgrade to enjoy more FFXIV.

I know it requires a subscription, but compared to other MMO's I have played, it's definitely worth it.

Bennibop1390d ago

You are in for at treat, its my favourite PS4 game and by far the best version. It runs v smooth, graphics look fantastic and controller mapping is fantastic! You will not be disappointed.

Add bennibop, will do some adventuring sometime!

Miraak82 1390d ago

I did the same thing a while back , a definite quality of life improvement ...... just remember to look up how to transfer your setting and macros, armories because you'll have to redo everything . There's a way i just never did it cause i transferred after the fact.

Jubez1871390d ago

For anyone on the fence, I want to put something in perspective. If you go to, look at all PS4 scores and then filter out all of the: Indies, Remakes, Xbox/PS4 multiplats, this will be the highest rated game. So therefore, FFXIV best console exclusive :)