PlayStation’s 12 Deals of Christmas return – Day 1: TLOU: Remastered, F1 2014, Dynasty Warriors Next

Sony have announced that their 12 Deals of Christmas across their PlayStation range will return once again this year. Here's the first round of games deals

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Mr_Writer851358d ago

Picked up TLOU for £17.99


xX_Altair_Xx1358d ago

If you can wait till the 5th, they accidentally leaked that BF4: Premium (ie full game + all DLC) will be available for £29.99. See here:

theshredded1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

awesome,I'm hesitant though.This may end up on ps plus...and I prefer to buy the "Masterpieces" with a physical copy

RosweeSon1358d ago

That and it'll take up a 10% of your hard drive at around the 45GB mark but yeah great game and pretty good price for those wanting digital version, got my day one edition for about £28 so I've not exactly lost a lot over 2 months.

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