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Pennyworth Reviews serves up its brand of quick review for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, saying it's "more than just a fighting game – it’s a celebration of Nintendo’s vibrant history and deserves its place in your gaming collection."

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Ognipode1395d ago

I'm finally starting to really feel like I wish that I had a Wii U sitting next to my other consoles. The line-up now is quite strong. Still, a future bundle for a good price could really be on the cards.

N4g_null1395d ago

These games last so long also. We are still speed running most games and posting on miiverse is hilarious. Fighting online in pikman or playing other players ghost in mario or any of the gotos. I mean almost every thing is out. Even wii sports is online now. W101 and bayo2 is way better than one.... even story wise. Ninja gaiden was even fixed *gasp*!!

If you have another console cool get a wiiu so 3rd parties can get their act together. Greed is a hard thing to shake though. But holding out has never been so much fun.

Unfortunately these publishers have made a ton of money so they got what they wanted.

fitfox1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

My only real complaint with the game is, Why so many Throw back maps? i mean seriously like 75 percent of them are from earlier entries in the series. :/ ?