What does Xbox One dominating Black Friday mean?

According to analysts, the Xbox One accounted for over half of all consoles purchased on Black Friday. Is the Xbox One's Black Friday victory a turning point for the console?

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freshslicepizza1329d ago

I think the black friday huge sales means this,

1. it took microsoft to make a very aggressive attack on the ps4 as far as pricing and games included to try and outsell it. meaning consumers see the xbox one should be cheaper.

2. it also means microsoft is once again only able to do well in few areas, namely north america and the uk.

3. last and not least it means microsoft is willing to take losses in order to maintain a level of marketshare but how long will they continue this approach?

what microsoft must do now is invest in ip's that they can own. they need to convince the gaming public they are serious investors to gaming. not just looking for a few acquisitions from third party support that will later come to its competitors. they also need to come out next year with a slim model for $299 (without kinect, $369 with kinect) including a game packaged in.

Foehammer1329d ago

Interest analysis

Price is definitely a factor...

Consider for a moment the Sony pulled the PS Camera in order to have a price advantage.

Some might say that was the first price cut, and it happened before launch.

That's the reason every PS4 shipped with PlayRoom, and why ALL controllers have the light on the front.

The X1 was the more expensive console for 7 months, ppl tend to forget that when talking the X1 price advantage in November.

himdeel1329d ago

Xbox one dominating Black Friday means more Halo headshots on Saturday morning for Halo fans! Duh?!

Play more games, not sales...

DragonKnight1329d ago

@Foehammer: Sony has stated a number of times that the reason they cut the camera from release wasn't due to it increasing the launch price, but because they didn't want to take a bigger loss per console sold. $400 was the price they were always going to sell it for, camera included.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

@What does Xbox One dominating Black Friday mean?

It means that Microsoft sold alot of Xbox One consoles on one day out of the week, but anyone keeping track of the ratio of PS4's to Xbox One's being sold, in order for the Xbox One to have outsold the PS4 in November, the Xbox One would had to have maintained a minimum 3 to 1 sales ratio over the PS4 for at least 3 weeks in November. Numerically and statistically speaking, it didn't happen.

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jb2271329d ago

Still don't understand how someone can run w/ a small study by a single group that accounts for most likely only around 1,500 console sales & call it definitive enough to post factual articles about it. We have literally no idea which console sold more at this point, InfoScout's study was conducted in Microsoft's own backyard and accounts for such a small number of consoles that its completely negligible. I'll be interested to see the actual numbers, but this study proves absolutely nothing.

greenlantern28141329d ago

Yup the better deal on black Friday was XB1, all bundles 330$. I picked up the Assassin Creed bundle, but there where Madden bundles and at Wal-Mart a Halo MCC bundle. But I also already have a PS4 and WiiU already so at that price and to complete the current gen it was an easy decision.

HanCilliers1329d ago

Nice to see the underdog getting a win. Well done MS

Spotie1329d ago

I hardly think they count as an underdog...

SpringHeeledJack1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


If you have to ask who, that is just ignorant. Nintendo and Sony are both underdogs compared to MS. Microsoft are much bigger than both of them, the money they make each year is crazy, the money they spend on advertising and the the price cuts and they can take the hit because of the cash cow they have with windows os.

Not to mention it's MS back yard being America.

SniperControl1329d ago


Erm, Nintendo maybe.

Certainly would not class MS as a underdog.

FromTheAshes1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


The company that is apparently "going broke" and doesn't have Microsoft money yet still managed to make a more powerful console with less funds...That company.

kurruptor1329d ago

Just because MS is the bigger company overall, doesn't mean they are the top dog for video games.

creatchee1329d ago

Sony sold 82.3 million PS3's, over 155 million PS2's, and and 102.49 million PS1's.

Nintendo sold 101.23 million Wii's for first place last generation.

Please quit it with the underdog talk.

dirkdady1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


You are incorrect. Size wise Sony is bigger than both msft and Nintendo. They own the most amount of assets and IPs. For example Sony's Columbia pictures and MGM arm account for hundreds of thousands of film distribution and creation rights alone. To boot the number of factories Sony owns around the world is staggering.

You have to remember Microsoft is first and foremost an OS company so it's all software for the most part.

On the revenue side no doubt Microsoft is making a lot more money, but as any finance major can tell you you typically don't compare a physical goods manufacturer with a software IT company as net profit margins a completely different.

rainslacker1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Even with the original Xbox they weren't an underdog. They just have too much power and money to be considered some scrappy competitor. They've also been in gaming too long now to be considered a newcomer.

No one ever considered Sony an underdog when they first came into the console space. I have no idea how some people consider MS one. They gained enough market share last gen to be considered a major player.

To put it another way, the underdog does not have hundreds of millions in marketing going on, and more TV commercials in prime time than most other companies out there...regardless of product being sold.

To me, the underdog cannot really make it in the console space today. It just costs too much, and isn't like the days when Sega came around and were an underdog. The days of those struggling consoles which will make or break a company are over. Console divisions from Sega, Atari(which started and ended as an underdog despite their success for a while), NEC, etc would be considered underdogs. Today, the only one I can think of is Ouya, which is a rather specialized type console and doesn't compete with the big 3.

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Cherchez La Ghost1329d ago

The Xbox One is the underdog versus the PS4?! Yes! But MS vs. Sony & Nintendo as companies is not.

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Paprika1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

That parents buying presents buy cheaper bundles.

All year vs black Friday/November bundles ..... cmon... calm down!

n4rc1329d ago

So last holiday when one was $100 cheaper.. Price had nothing to do with it according to some..

I keep seeing this now and it makes me chuckle... Of course price plays a big part

rainslacker1329d ago

Price didn't have much to do with it when they were both the same price for most of the year. Price at launch probably had something to do with it, but last holiday, finding a PS4 was pretty hard. Price probably had something to do with this holiday. And the price was amazing for a solid console. Hard to pass up that value if you want to enter next gen. I did because there are just too many games I'm buying over the next few months.

Realistically though, at launch, price isn't that big of a deal. Even at $500-600 the PS4 still sold out. Same with the 360 at $400-500.

ShinoBro1329d ago

Black Friday is all about finding the best deal, and since you have two consoles that do the same thing 95% of the time it comes down to price.

rainslacker1329d ago

Didn't they both sell close to the same this black friday though? Looking at the deals, the price difference wasn't huge except for one bundle of the X1, but that was really just a $70 difference. Hardly a reason to not go with the preferred console for something that people will be using for the next 5 years.

I think the value of the X1 and some of the bundles was better overall, but $400 with 2 games for a PS4 is apparently enough to entice people to buy the system.

Nowadays, I don't think parents are going into shops and looking at the price difference and saying..."Well little timmy wanted a PS4, but the X1 is $70 cheaper so we'll get him that." Kids can be pretty specific about what they want, and some parent willing to spend $350 for a christmas present will likely also be selling $400.

The price drop was for people that were on the fence, or just didn't want to spend $400+ for next gen.

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OOMagnum1329d ago

Better than half, better than I expected.

OOMagnum1329d ago

Go troll somebody else, loser. I dont need hope cause I can care less who sells more. As long as I get the best games im happy. And my X1 is giving me the best games so.... hop of my ****.

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