First Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World video

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is set two years after the events of Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo GameCube. The Wii-exclusive has a release date in America on November 1st, 2008. The new Tales of Symphonia has now been shown for the first time in a Japanese TV show.

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ItsDubC3820d ago

November 1st is far sooner than I had expected actually. Nice =)

PS360WII3820d ago

Ah sweet I got a release list and this game wasn't on it >< Glad I know when it's coming now ^^ Next game I buy this'll be pre-ordered.

TruthbeTold3820d ago

Since there are no serious RPG's on the Wii yet, this wait is even worse for me than the wait for Brawl was! What a way to start though. This game will be pure awesome. Come quickly November 1st! :)

PS360WII3820d ago

Fire Emblem, Opoona, Baroque, Dragon Quest Swords... those are some serious RPGs Fire Emblem is the best them and there is also Paper Mario, My Life As a King, and this week Final Fantasy Chocobos.

TruthbeTold3820d ago

Yeah, I guess I need to rephrase that better. There are no serious RPG's on the Wii that interest me. Fire Emblem, while an RPG, is more of a strategy game, and its graphics were shamelessly GameCube quality. Baroque is a remake of an older game and looks kind of crappy. Dragon Quest swords is rather simplistic and kiddy for my tastes. And while I own My life as a King, and Paper Mario, Paper Mario was boring for me, and I'd never play it again. My life as a King was a nice new little take on RPG's, but its gameplay doesn't really stand strong enough on its own to be considered really good, or to have replay value, even with the downloadable content. I heard about the Chocobo game, but am reluctant to try it, though I may.

Perverted3820d ago

TruthBeTold. everything you said I agree 100% with.
Can't wait for this game.

Blue Legend3820d ago

Can't those guys in that first video like... shut up?

TruthbeTold3820d ago

They were commenting, but for those who don't speak Japanese its got to be annoying.