DriveClub sales jump 999% during Black Friday week

Sales of PS4 racer DriveClub rose by 999 per cent last week thanks to "massive sales" of the heavily-discounted DriveClub PS4 bundle.

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bouzebbal1389d ago

still waiting for PS+ edition. if it's any good i'm goona get the full thing.
many people are like me, so this game isn't done selling.

SniperControl1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


Trust me, the game is very good, sure it had it's problems, but Evo are getting there, i can now access online 90% of the time, where as before it was something like 30-40%.

Dont believe the people on here who call it garbage, most are fanboys who have never played it.

bouzebbal1389d ago

@SniperControl: i'm not the kind of person who believes what others are saying. the reason i didnt buy it yet is that i wouldnt have much time to play it. it's still on my list though and i better wait until it's 100% operational!

Xsilver1389d ago

DriveClub is Most played Game on my PS4 #Noregrets

vishmarx1389d ago

the online still isnt perfect but its extremely serviceable now.
evo has been working hard on past fixes and future content.
if the game was 6/10 at launch its at least 8-8.5 now

also [email protected] gif

kayoss1389d ago

The game is very good. Its very addicting. I just wished that this game didnt have it's issue when it launched. The game deserved positive recognition, but now its known as the game that was delayed for a year but once released, It has online issues.
I bought it when it first launched, but i had a hard time getting online. But this game looks and plays amazing.

badz1491389d ago

I can't put it down too. great to see it has gotten more sales. I'm not gonna blindly back them up for releasing it broken MP-wise. but I waited and have been kept entertained since I bought it and for me, the game is simply amazing. 2 new event packs has been added and they've made it free and by looking at it, there will be at least 4 more incoming. can't wait to swoop those medals and dominate the online races.

challenge mode will keep people playing for a long time and the upcoming weather update will add new layer of challenges to existing circuits. keep up the good work Evo.

BX811389d ago

90% lmao. Ill wait. I halo mmc day 1 I really dont feel like dealing with that again. Lol. I dont get it. This gen has been plauged by buggy games as of late.

radler1389d ago

DriveClub is the best racing game ever made and NOTHING comes close the graphics are amazing! Everybody who says that the game has problems is a disgusting subhuman piece of trash lying scumbag liar. The game works perfectly and has ever since launch. It's a phenomenal experience that's ONLY possible on PlayStation. PS4 the win! Greatness arrives! :D

Vipre771389d ago

My biggest fear is that the only reason online was getting better was because people were giving up on the game, meaning the servers weren't getting hammered as hard. Be afraid that these issues come back again in full force once Xmas arrives and all those new copies get loaded up at the same time.

mickeyweng1388d ago

I believed that after you have played Plus edition, you wont buy this game.
The full game experience is in contrast, you should rent it before you buy it.

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rakentaja1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

No. People just waited for a discount, do buy this bad and "not worthy 60$" game.

Forn1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Only people who haven't played it or are a fanboy call it bad because they obviously have no clue what they're talking about.

badz1491389d ago


so...all Steam sales games are not worthy of full price too, then? I saw Burnout Paradise for $5 and The Witcher 2 for $3...those games are so not worth their initial prices, right? /s


SmokingMonkey1389d ago

People just waited for a discount, to buy this bad and "not worthy $499" console.


radler1389d ago

Yeah, I agree with Forn. There is absolutely no way that any video game could ever be any less than amazing, particularly DriveClub. All those people who played the game and said that it's bad did not actually play the game, it's a grand conspiracy by the gaming media, fanboys and PS4 owners who don't have the courtesy to obsessively praise every single PS4 exclusive. All those complaints of the game not working correctly were LIES.

DriveClub is the best video game ever made and nothing comes close. PS4 the win! Greatness Arrives! Game on! :)

CoTton_MoUtH1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I still get bounced out of the servers every time I play. I can't get a good 2hrs out of the game online without being kicked so that sucks. I agree with the comment that stated once Christmas comes It will basically hammer the servers, for those still waiting on the PS+ edition I would wait till the Summer time once all the dlc is released it will make it worth buying. I wish I did.

Inzo1388d ago

The irony of what you just said is those exact same words can be used for the Xbone. Man, its gotta suck to you.

madmonkey011388d ago

its £34.99 on the store has been since launch

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fermcr1389d ago

"DriveClub sales jump 999% during Black Friday week"

... and that's why Sony hasn't given away the PS+ version until now. They want to sell the most copies they can.... before releasing PS+ version. Sony crap's on PS+ owners.

Oschino19071389d ago

You mean they don't want to add tons of new traffic to a game until it's working for those who actually paid for it.

Not like anything is stopping you from renting it or trying it through share play.

I have share played with people who ended up buying, they got to try the full version with all my unlocks.

So want to try again or would you rather keep digging your hole of bitterness and ignorance to hide in.

Repjaws1389d ago

What are you talking about?The reason I haven't bought this game is because of the PS plus version I'm still waiting for it.If Sony had released the PS plus version me and a lot more would buy the game or at least give it some thought.

radler1389d ago

DriveClub is perfect and Sony are the most amazing company in the whole world. Sony treats PS4 owners so well and PS+ is amazing. I would pay five times as much for this wonderful service on this majestic console. Sony has withheld the PS+ version of DriveClub because they love us and want nothing but the best for PS4 owners. Praise Sony. PS4 the win! :)

donthate1389d ago


So Sony doesn't want to add tons of traffic to DriveClub, so they make a massive discount to increase their sales 999%?

I see how Sony thinks, massive traffic for free? No thanks. Massive traffic due to sales? Sure, WHY not?!!!

styferion1388d ago

what are you talking about?
that may be true if Sony didn't announce the PS+ version in the first place, because the suscribers know PS+ version is coming why would they purposely buy it now?

on topic: DC is now very playable though I still don't think it deserves $60 price tag, YET. It would if all the problems left were solved. For black friday prices though, it's so worth your money.

ramiuk11388d ago

it was given away in nearly every bundle over BF weekend

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Docknoss1389d ago

Sony's practically giving it away.

spicelicka1389d ago

uhhh it's a bundle lol, not the game selling separately.

But hey, cool that many people are getting to play it.

BallsEye1389d ago

does that mean it sold 999 copies ? I kid I kid.

DigitalRaptor1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Looking at Forza Horizon 2's sales, I wouldn't make that joke.

WeirdShroom1388d ago

This would be more accurate in the one getting choked out was the PS4 fanbase....for being conned into buying a broken trash game. I bet every one of those people game Ubisoft crap too and "refused to buy ACU".

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danowat1389d ago

Still pretty broken though.

kratoz12091389d ago

Um not really, Online works fine for me,
All thats left is to turn on the Challenges..

Looking forward to the December expansion and Weather patch

danowat1389d ago

I get regular crashes, and also losses connection to the server at random intervals, despite me having a very good internet connection.

When it works, it's a pretty decent game, although I am not a huge fan of the engine sounds or the physics.

Dannycr1389d ago

How is it possible that Weather is still off?

Rhythmattic1389d ago


I don't own it, nor will i say your your thoughts on the game are not your experience...

However , I might question your ears for the engine sounds.

“BMW and Mercedes actually called us up and asked if we’d be happy to give them a copy of our recordings to replace their own versions,” says Alan with a grin. “That felt pretty good!”

SniperControl1389d ago


Weather was always slated for a December release anyway.

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danowat1389d ago

I'm not saying the sounds are "unrealistic" at all, what I am saying is this.

In the car view, the sounds are very muffled, now you could argue that this is realistic, but I'd prefer that the sounds (realistic engine / transmission) were (arguably less realistic) increased so I can actually enjoy the engine sounds, this is more than likely personal preference.

I am also not keen on the gear change, it's like every single car has a DSG gearbox, and there is no delay (throttle off, clutch, change gear, throttle on), this takes time, and as it stands, all gear changes are instant it's a problem Gran Turismo also suffers from.

Then there is a tyre sounds, while leagues ahead of Gran Turismo, they are still a little "off" to my ears.

PersonMan1389d ago

Are you aware that they recorded all of the sounds from real life? How do you get more realistic than that?

GameSpawn1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


DriveClub is meant to be an arcade racer and not a simulation racer like Gran Turismo. The realism in DriveClub will be skewed so that the game retains it pick up and play fun factor, so while some things will be accurate others may be "glamorized" or "tweaked".

Your argument for Gran Turismo is justified, just not for DriveClub. Luckily for you Gran Turismo is a constantly evolving beast with each major game release and its creator is a real stickler for attempting to create as real of a driving experience as possible. This is a double edged sword for the "game" aspect as it means the more mundane aspects of driving and racing (I'm thinking monotony mostly) are also included -- this is a more realistic driving experience, but puts off people who just want to dive in and have 5-10 minutes of fun and be about their day.

1Victor1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

@danowat just open the windows and you'll hear the engine in all its glory .....🚗💨

Visualift1389d ago

The sounds are muffled in the car view... because you are in the car.

rainslacker1388d ago

If you've ever been in one of these type of high end cars the sound is pretty muffled inside the car. In some cases it's virtually silent. Even high end super cars are virtually silent inside after the initial start-up unless the engine is revving really high. A lot of newer cars...even not so expensive ones, have pretty decent sound proofing inside the car, so they are nowhere near as loud as they were even 10 years ago.

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Harold_Finch1389d ago

Yes but if you get it and others don't, they don't believe you!

supergravity1389d ago

I've never had this much FUN with a broken game! I'm having a blast with it. Now that they've fixed my major gripe with the collision system being changed, all I need now is my logitech to work and I'll be a very happy man!

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Kurisu1389d ago

What's the game like now? Has it been fixed, or are there still issues?

Bennibop1389d ago

Its very good, online connectivity is good, they have fixed the off track/ bumper car issues. Challenge modes are still not open however Evolution have stated it will be soon.

Driveclub has been one of my favourite games this year, I seem to go back to it all the time.

Kurisu1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

That's good to hear, thanks for the reply.

Personally I'm still waiting for the PS+ version just to be sure that I do like it. Hopefully it won't be long now that fixes have started to roll in :)

amiga-man1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

The game is working a lot better now than when it first came out, there are still issues but nowhere near what they were and the game is starting to show it's true colours.

I actually love the game and have had two friends play it, one bought the game after doing so and another just last week bought a PS4 to play it, so well worth picking up if your into your racing.

ps4fanboy1389d ago

It is an amazing game, I had a break from it for GTA but been drifting back again , good few hours put in last night online , once they crack the game making bug that affects online now and again usually after two games , and sort the dreadful waiting time until you can choose car online and a few other bits and bobs, add weather, then we will have a racing classic at hand , though I'm sure the physics change so you can't be spun out,has affected the handling somewhat , as the cars feel way safer than they did at first, before patch, but still can be drifted nice , which is good , feels different though , hope evo get the problems behind them soon , as this game deserves to succeed , even with its flaws , it's hard not to appreciate the beauty in the title , from the dust being powdered up into the air as wheels pass over to dissipate into the breeze , and the birds and ambience, natural colours and lighting , car sounds and interiors, all blow your mind stuff at times , well done evo , glad sales blew up.

IanVanCheese1389d ago

tbf this is because it was bundled.

Septic1389d ago

Yeah almost every PS4 bundle here in the UK is offering DC with it so its no surprise.

1nsomniac1389d ago

I was going to say it sounded a bit odd singling the game out when to be fair it's been the only PS4 bundle I've seen that's been on offer everywhere.

With the vast amount of bad press the game has got this bundle obviously wasn't going to sell well at RRP so retailers have got to get rid of the stock somehow. Typical Black Friday fodder, make all the old, out of date TV's & other items that aren't selling & knock a few quid off make people think there getting a great bargain when they're not.

Retroman1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


FINALLY-someone-know-what-goi ng-on............

retailers-been-doing-this--sc am-for-years.
each-year-consumers-act-like- blind-sheeps-buying-old-produc ts-- thinking-it-is-something-NEW-o n-sale -it-is-call-UNWANTED-stock .
no-such-thing-as-SALES--BARGA INS............../
just-old-products-getting-rid -of-cars,appliances,tv's-et c... before-jan.-1st-following-year .


you-almost-had-my-vote-until- you-mention-parachute...God-do n t-need-parachute.

OB1Biker1389d ago

Also it was a very sweet white PS4 bundle at £289