Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review (GameWatcher)

From "Fast-paced, responsive and with all the unpredictable thrill of a real football match (well, any match that doesn’t feature Aston Villa), Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 plays a great game of football. Judging solely by the on-pitch action, this is the best instalment of the franchise in years, and it gives eternal rival FIFA a real run for its money. It’s just a shame that shoddy production values and a terrible online experience mar the fun."

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Zenith4k1325d ago

After reading that the graphics are rubbish I gave up reading, it's beyound Fifa and by his argument if it's rubbish than in my view of what his saying Fifa must be even shitter. Lame article with pointless info and correlations

JamieReleases1325d ago

Are you talking about the console versions or PC?