Newegg Cyber Monday 2014 Update With $30 Off Promo To PS4, Xbox One Bundles & Others

Techtorial: Newegg's Cyber Monday event is now updated with a new promo letting gamers get console bundles with $30 off.

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etownone1358d ago has Microsoft Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle on sale for $329.99 - $30 w/ promo code CMPAYPAL30 (must use PayPal Checkout) = $299.99. Shipping is Free

Not too shabby

jmc88881358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

With the Rakuten deal being hit or miss. I.E. their horrible website cannot apply coupons to most people, and all sorts of other crap.

If you want a discount on PS+...then this newegg or tigerdirect is the way to go.

$30 off $150 at Newegg CMPAYPAL30
$25 off $100 at Tigerdirect *no code, just checkout with paypal

The $30 off $100 was the best deal, but, like I said, it was Rakuten, and they completely crapped the bed on the promotion....even with most people not getting it, the few that did, have gotten it sold out.

The promo code for rakuten (since it can still be used for other things) is PAYPAL30. But good luck getting it to work.

It'll either's already applied, but you see no discount.
It'll say it's invalid.

Or it'll ask you to sign in, and if you have your paypal account with a different email, especially if you used the guest checkout before (because you see you need to be signed in for it to work)...then it completely clusterF's.

Hell I stayed up to and tried between 12:01 and 3am PT and it was still saying 'code not active'.

Some people are even reporting that after they add the stuff into the cart, the entire coupon code field disappears.

Oh rakuten....