Cooking Guide, A Glimmer of Hope for Non-Game Handheld Software

Taking its cue (arguably) from the fun of Cooking Mama, what separates Cooking Guide from other non-game software is that it is distinctly utilitarian in its approach. What Cooking Guide has done in both the UK and Japan is realise the culinary needs of consumers and has balanced them out against their restrictions (such as the imposition of a large celebrity cookbook) to create a product that puts the consumer's need to have good food on the table in front of them without worrying about lack of culnary knowledge or skill first via the use of a helpful and intuitive interface.

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AppleSlime3794d ago

And, hey, there's a slim chance it could get our fat-assed children cooking their own meals, rather than sustaining themselves on crappy fast foods.

CAPT IRISH3794d ago

All you need to know is how to make hot dogs and beans. That will last you for the rest of your life.