Will the Wii U sell big this holiday?

With the release of Super Smash Bro’s for the Wii U, Nintendo may well be on the rise again. A lot of third party developers, including EA abandoned Nintendo when the Wii U released and skipped their major focus to the PS4 and Xbox One.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

With the line-up it's got now, it deserves to.
But if Nintendo pulls out Star Fox, Metroid, and a few other surprises for the holidays - or sooner - of this coming year, then 2015 could very well be a HUGE year for the Wii U.
I mean, we're already getting games like Devil's Third, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the new Zelda U [hopefully] as the tip of an ever-growing iceberg next year.

A few more winners like that, alongside the gems it's already got and its ever-growing library of fantastic smaller titles like Shove Knight, and Nintendo could quickly make at least 5 or 6M more Wii U's go into homes by Christmas of 2015, if not more.

But, that's the future.
For now, my one hope for the Holidays is that Captain Toad, Smash, and Bayonetta 2 [ESPECIALLY Bayonetta 2] all sell quite well as Christmas gifts, alongside many more Wii U units.
It's an under-appreciated machine that isn't as terrible as anti-Nintendo freaks try to make it out to sound.
It's not all Zelda and Mario, and even if it were all Zelda and Mario, the in-house games are all so top-notch that that's more a compliment to their ability to stay good despite being such old IP's, than anything else.[Ironically, many of the main-line games don't have nearly as many home console entries as people who scream "rehashes suck" want us to believe]

Concertoine1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Im pretty sure this is the biggest holiday they can potentially have with smash and kart out this year. Star fox and metroid just dont sell enough systems, they sell to the install base.

Also 5-6 million wii u's in a year is crazy optomistic. All year, they've sold 1.5 million. The PS4 and Xbone sell more than that in a month. They still haven't hit a goal they made almost TWO YEARS ago which was 12 million wii u's by March 2013. Their new goal was considered conservative by Iwata but it looks like they'll barely hit that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Yeah, I'm aware that it's crazy optimistic, but I have a basis:
Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming, and RPG's are huge right now.
People are also expecting Zelda, and to a smaller extent Splatoon and Devil's Third for their shooter itch.
I don't know about Star Fox since it comes out so rarely, but if they do Metroid the right way with tons of advertisement, it might garner a larger following than just the fan-base.
Especially if they make it an FPS again by following in the footsteps of the Prime trilogy, since that's the most frequently-used genre of the generation outside of sports.

Concertoine1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Maybe, but the xeno series was never big either. Splatoon i can see being a sleeper hit, but Devil's third will end up like bayonetta 2 at best.

Very sad to see wii u's black friday sales at 300k vs over a million of the xbone and ps4. This is the first christmas with both smash bros and mario kart...

pcz1391d ago

the wiiu was destined to be a commercial failure right from the start simply because its a bad product. consumers vote with their wallets and they have voted unanimously against the wiiu.

at this point, any and all games that come on the wiiu now will merely be building its legacy. and yes, it can have a great legacy for its games, but commercial success? forget it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1391d ago

There's precedent for turn-arounds out of worse situations, dude.
I wouldn't call it destined for failure at this point, especially when it's now making a net profit.

Concertoine1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

While it is not good for Nintendo, i do think having a niche platform is refreshing. We havent had one since the 6th gen, after all. There tends to be a unique library for niche platforms. Lately nintendo's been dividing their dev teams so they can get cheaper games out faster, and smaller teams has let the creativity flow. Sega did the same thing with the dreamcast.

DC7771392d ago

Looking back over the past year I have played some stellar games on Wii U. Windwaker HD, Mario 3D World, MK8, games that are charming and fun and look like HD candy. You can try and ignore it but it has easily the best games right now despite getting zero of the hype train.