Advanced Warfare Top 100 Player Award - Good or Bad?

MWEB GameZone Writes: "The top 100 Ranked players in COD:AW Season 1 will recieve the golden, steampunk type armor. Wearing the armor will cause these players to be seen by some as hackers, cheaters or being boosted.

In a competitive multiplayer environment such as Ranked Play, the armor could very well cause jealousy and misdirected anger."

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HanCilliers1392d ago

I dont get why this could be a bad thing. Gaming is suppose to be about getting rewarded for skill.

lfc_4eva1392d ago

Rewarded for skill, maybe.

But to me gaming is supposed to be about enjoyment. If you get some reward for being good at it then even better for that person.

Sillicur1392d ago

Definately, but a lot of people are jealous of others, especially when it comes to a competitive environment.

Instead of improving on their skill, some will just go out and moan / hate on other players.

Unfortunately. I do agree gaming should be about fun and enjoyment :)

Gaming247allday1392d ago

it takes some skill to achieve top 100 on COD, if your top 100 on COD then you know what the hell your doing and how to play the game, thats skill in my books

solar1392d ago

you said "skill" in a "CoD" game. LOL

HoldenZA1392d ago

That armor looks super sexy but alas I will never get it :( So I will stick to being jealous of those that do.

I think we may see some people making some money, selling their accounts to those that want the gear.

Sillicur1392d ago

Ah yes, selling the accounts can also be a problem. I dont know how sledgehammer can combat that.

Thinking about this scenario now. Even if a top 100 player just has a bad game he can be accused by other players of buying the account

CongoKyle1392d ago

I can just see more tears in competitive modes about people using this armor "blah blah their view models are unhitable"

Sillicur1392d ago

Haha yeh well said sir, there will be tears and hatred abound, even though it is actually unfounded.

lord zaid1392d ago

"Will cause these players to be seen by some as hackers, cheaters or being boosted." - Seriously?!

I think the author is thinking about this too hard. Getting special or distinctive AESTHETIC bonuses is nothing new.

Sillicur1392d ago

Have you met the COD community? Not saying everyone in the COD community as a whole is bad, but there are some very bad apples in there that will cry and call hacks for just about anything.

These players will have a bigger target on their back now as they will stand out.

That is why i said "seen by some" :)

lord zaid1392d ago

Will they stand out? Certainly. The armour is obviously out of place. But what kind of Hacker or cheater announces themselves in this way?

It too ridiculous for words

HanCilliers1392d ago

I tend to agree with you, if players throw their toys out because another player reached the top 100 in the world and gets a shiny armor... then really grow up.

chazjamie1392d ago

i am not going to lie,i want that so badly.

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