"We called it"- Mega Man and Castlevania to hit Wii

Mike writes:

I'm never usually one to brag. But let's say we made some guesses at the beginning of the month, and maybe even talked about some games that should see the light of day for the Wii back in April. Could we do a bit of gloating if some of these ideas came to life?

But aside from serving my own ego, there's a more important agenda here. Two series that classic Nintendo fans have been dying to see on the Wii have been announced this week.

First comes that "perfect 3D" Castlevania title will be what Ehrgeiz was to the Final Fantasy series. Castlevania Judgement brings characters spanning the entire series to the battlegrounds in a 3D fighter. Not at all what gamers have been expecting, but as 1Up reports, players can make use of the environment in their battles, and the game will keep to the use of subweapons and hearts...

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Not the Face3820d ago

why not a really big and beautiful side scroller?

N4g_null3820d ago

It's his honor man. After the horrible 3d games with simon he wants to show you it can be done.

proArchy3820d ago

...congratulations! You predicted something predictable! You win the innernets!!

Perverted3819d ago

Both great...but the two games seem to be going for something a bit different....I can't see CV being a big hit....especially as 1 vs 1 fighter....MM going back to 8 bit....dunno if that'll weaken sales or not as the game is likely to be awesome.....We'll see...

Blue Legend3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

If they used "Dracula Battle Perfect Selection" 1&2 as Judgement's Soundtrack.

Has anyone else here heard these CD's but me? They came out back in 1994, and sound like a fighter soundtrack.

Personally, I'd love to take on Simon while hearing the best version of 'Simon's Theme' I've ever heard.

If you like Castlevania, and never heard this stuff before, here's a little youtube preview I found, here's their rendition of 'Bloody Tears'

and here's a wiki