This War of Mine Review | GES

GES writes: "This war of mine is an innovative and new take on being someone in a war, however, the twist is that you’re not a soldier, but taking the reigns over average citizens trying to survive in a war-torn country.

As your game begins, you are given a range of survivors who have chosen to take refuge in this house portrayed above. Not only do you have to try to keep your characters fed, you are also meant to keep them healthy and well rested. The characters you are normally given at the start is random, and you can house even more with a random event, however, keep in mind that it is an extra mouth to feed, and food isn’t all that easy to come by. The game is very realistic when it comes to the decisions you have to make, as such that they impact your characters to quite the extent. Killing another person, who may or may not be hostile towards you, will not only have an effect on the shooter, but on the rest of the group as well. They will be wary of said character as well as all of them normally falling into depression. After a while, perhaps a group member may decide to leave. Even seeing dead people could affect the group, not even mentioning killing the person yourself."

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