Halo 5’s Multiplayer Doesn’t Look That Different

"343 Industries have their hands extremely full for the rest of the year. Not only are they still trying to sort out The Master Chief Collection’s terrible matchmaking, they have a massive beta coming up in a few weeks. Halo 5 is making a brief appearance before the end of the year, and another look at its gameplay has me all sorts of excited."

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qwerty6761327d ago

if this makes any sense i think the gameplay looks too blocky and not fluid enough.

fitfox1327d ago

i think i know what you mean, Almost has a D-padish feel to it.

Septic1327d ago

In traditional Halo terms, its actually quite fluid. If anything, some die-hard fans are moaning about it being too fluid with teh wall-climbing stuff. I disagree.

Halo 5 doesn't look that different from what's come before because of the old agade, "if it aint broke, don't fix it".

343 got stung quite hard with Halo 4, where they made the most radical change to the existing Halo formula, importing in COD-like elements into the game. Now of course, they're going back to Halo basics.

Its a good thing mind you. As a Halo fanatic, I do get why they are going down this route. But at the same time, I hope there are some meaningful changes too to warrant a sequel. The community is going to dictate how Halo 5 shapes up though so that's a good thing I guess (to a certain extent).

radler1327d ago

I'd say that they're just copying COD again. Everything in Halo 5 looks like the exo abilities from Advanced Warfare, from sliding to mantling to the boost jumps etc.

It certainly doesn't look anything like the Halo that people know and love.

Septic1327d ago


Err no.

"Everything in Halo 5 looks like the exo abilities from Advanced Warfare,"

If you played Halo 4, you'd know that the dash abilities existed in that game before Advanced Warfare.

"It certainly doesn't look anything like the Halo that people know and love."

Actually it does, hence the title of this article. It looks very Halo like from the limited glimpse we have in these videos. I do want to see how the big team battles etc turn out to be though.

telekineticmantis1327d ago

To be honest, the early footage reminds me of Killzone Shadowfall, the lack of aim assist, the sliding into cover, the context sensitive traversal, and really, the whole visual style.

ScorpiusX1327d ago

Beta incoming c can't wait.

Tedakin1327d ago

I'm happy for sprinting and the thrust pack. Halo 2 was amazing... for its time... but going back now in the MCC after years of COD, Titanfall and other games it's kinda hard to get in to it. It's just so slow. Time for the necessary upgrades I feel.

Allsystemgamer1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Ou completely disagree. There is no intensity in Titanfall and cod. It doesn't feel like you're "battling" someone. The firefights pretty much don't exist. It's see shoot 1 second later dead. In halo there's a firefight and an actual battle between players. Not who sees who first. You ADHD spawn kill kids.

Mikefizzled1327d ago

Halo is still a slow kill game, except for swat, which is why I think these upgrades are fine.

Septic1327d ago

"There is no intensity in Titanfall and cod. It doesn't feel like you're "battling" someone. The firefights pretty much don't exist."

What?! The firefights DO exist in Titanfall. In fact, the Titan engagements can last ages. It's the whole reason the Titans were introduced in the first place.

"You ADHD spawn kill kids."

Err 1v1 Titan engagements last a lot longer than 1v1 Halo ones

mcstorm1327d ago

@Allsystemgamer I know what you are trying to say in the MW games like COD, BF, KZ ect there are a lot of 1 shot kills and a lot of times where who ever shoots 1st gets the kill on 1 on 1 battles where in Halo its not like that. For me titanfall is a mix of Halo and COD in terms of battles but nothing for me matches Halo in terms of 1 on 1 fighting.

Not played MCC much so far part because of the issues with the MP and im also trying to get through my other games before I get hocked on Halo MP again too.

TheMeatPuppet0071327d ago

I totally agree and that's why I enjoy Halo so much more than all these twitch FPS shooters. It's not enjoyable to basically live until you see another person then die instantly, spawn, die, repeat......maybe it's because my reaction time isn't as quick as some of these kids( I'm 34) or I just plain suck, I dunno. I guess my point is this... Don't change the "feeling" or overall pace of Halo to be just like all the rest of these twitchers. I, as well as many others enjoy that fierce one-on-one battle that makes Halo so enjoyable and unique.

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SynestheticRoar1327d ago

Yes Halo 2 is my favorite. Looking forward to playing it again.

Illusive_Man1327d ago

This honestly looks like a more refined Halo 4/Reach. I usually put those two games together because they were much faster, aggressive, and tactical in my opinion compared to Halo 2. Those games relied a lot on maneuverability and outwitting your opponent with much more than better gun play (which was still hugely important).

Halo 5 does seem to bring back some of the balance that Halo 2 was known for especially map control. I like that they are reigning back some of the maneuvering at the cost of shield level.

Otherwise this looks like the same Halo I fell in love just faster and more intense. So glad, they didn't decide to just do Halo 2 again with a fresh coat of paint. There were some good ideas in the other games. They just needed to be tweaked and refined.

mhunterjr1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

to me it looks mostly like halo2, but with halo ce's, minimal aim assist. I think halo2 was more tactical than 4/reach because you knew exactly what tools your opponent had at their disposal. This is a return to form, since everyone has the same abilities.

Maneuverability was also key in halo2, in the form of trick jumps, and crouch jumps. That seems to have been replaced with usage of the jet pack and clamber. Hopefully the maps are designed so that skilled players will be better at getting to vantage points, or escaping.

The comparison to reach and 4 fall flat because the added mobility is something all players have equally.

I agree with the idea that it seems to return to halo's form. Map control is key again, but the gameplay loop has changed from guns/grenades/melee to guns/grenades/melee/mobility. Its truly an addition to the formula, and not a departure from the formula

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