Far Cry 4 Review | GES

GES writes: "Ajay Ghale, a young man that is taking his mother’s ashes back to her homeland and Ajay’s place of birth when he encounters a little more than expected. The country of Kyrat is under the dictatorship of Pagan Min, a ruthless madman who is on a first name basis with Ajay. Pagan Min dispatches a soldier and says a quote that just seems absolutely fitting. Ajay has a bag slapped over his head and is whisked away to Pagan’s “modest” home. He is saved by a group of freedom fighters known as the Golden Path who seeks the downfall of Pagan Min and bring peace to this torn land. Upon Ajay’s arrival, it is clear that virtually everyone and everything is angry with him and want nothing more than to snuff out his existence. Starting from an enraged wild cat to a mighty elephant, Ajay must find ways to use them to his advantage to liberate Kyrat and fulfill his mother’s final wish."

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